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The End of Fear Programming

There has been an influx of fear in our world, especially in the last four years. You may have noticed the variables of this formidable foe. Fear is the thief of joy and has been dismantling society since the beginning of time. It gets its grip into the strongest of humans and can be used as a weapon, as a means to get what someone wants and to instigate control. It has been a part of the human experience since the beginning of time. Fear is the opposite of love. It steals our time and prevents us from being true to ourselves. It is the ultimate form of destruction. Please know I'm not talking about healthy fear, which is an emotion that can be beneficial, such as not touching a hot stove, or a fear of heights. I'm talking about fear that is suffocating, limiting and gripping.

2024 is the Year of the Dragon (per the Chinese Zodiac), which represents strength and change and is also the year of The Age of Aquarius, which ushers in a whole new era for our humanity. This year commands great courage and service. It is also preparing us to become aligned and initiated into new energies. We will feel and experience a lot this year as many old systems crumble, as we move forward in consciousness and we receive new clarity on the constructs of the world. Everything is about to change. We are in the shake up of it all.

What do we find more of in such a powerful year, a year that is full of rare astrological events, of up-leveling, of spiritual growth, of endings and new beginnings, higher consciousness and countless advocates for world-wide healing and change?

More fear.

The programming of fear is pumped through our phones, social media, radio, and news outlets. With genocides, pandemics, politics, inflation, housing crisis's, immigration crisis's, climate change and much more, how can we not be inflicted by fear?

Programmed fear is something that has to be learned. It has to be handed down, imprinted upon us. It is a human emotion that is triggered by an event, an image, a person, place or thing. We are all born with the ability to experience fear, but that is not our first instinct. Love is. Love is the catalyst that propels us forward.

Fear is in a fight with the light. There are many people, facing their fears in a new way.

I've been asked countless times by my clients this month about this debilitating experience with fear. It has been showing up in a new way, pushing us to our limits, squeezing, intimidating and rocking our worlds. You may be one of these people, suddenly feeling deep emotions of sadness, unexplained feelings of grief, despair and fear.

Many children are suffering with feelings of hopelessness, of not fitting in, experiencing darker thoughts, and recurring nightmares. They are feeling it first and on a more frequent, sensitive scale. We must listen to our children and help them to understand that change is happening in their mind, body and spirit. They need us more than ever.

For some, fear has brought them to their knees, challenged their faith and even left them questioning their desire to stay earth bound. (Please reach out for help if you feel this way. You are not alone)!

Many brave souls have put on their armor and faced fear head on, without disguise, knowing that it is within their power to finally clear and heal this programming from their experience. The children are speaking about this and they are our greatest teachers. They know that something is changing and it is changing within them first. We are healing the wounds of our ancestors and the earth. We are healing within our cells, our DNA and this is no small feat. We are healing from the trauma that fear creates.

Through love. Through community. Through leadership, generosity, compassion, affection and authentic human interactions, we can heal through fear programming. We hold the power to create real change.

This is a new era for our earth. The leaders of new consciousness.

This era of enlightenment offers new ways of seeing the world. We are being supported by a timeline of significant healing, higher consciousness and new energies so we can break through and remove the conditions of fear. It is the end for fear programming.

If you have been feeling an increase of fear, know that you too can remove this by facing it head on and asking it to reveal its message. Perhaps an old event is replaying itself in your mind, or your dreams are leaving you feeling disoriented and frightened. Know that this is your own subconscious mind that is showing you it's time to release the illusions and distortions. Mindfulness, meditation and movement will help greatly.

We as a collective are helping to heal this together. We are releasing fear from the past, to experience the present. It is a ripple effect, moving from one consciousness to another. Don't fear what you are feeling, instead learn to talk to it, to know it and to listen to the vibrations that are helping you move into a space of healing. You can live a life of joy and freedom. It is within the constructs of your own mind that fear can be eliminated and a new alignment can take its place. Welcome to a new way of living consciously. It will be a spectacular journey into a whole new world.

In joy,

Danielle Federico

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