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Path of the Rose 

A Private Mentorship

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Welcome to Path of the Rose™ 


This is a Women's Leadership course that explores earth based traditions, lineages, ancestry and how to be an authentic, conscious woman of today. This course dispels new age beliefs and offers grounded, applicable, real life tools that allow you to think for yourself and create a lifestyle that is true to you. 


The course includes an intro to herbalism, herb crafting, alchemy, sacred lineage, meditation, historical teachings, self-empowerment, artistry and more!


With the support of traditions old and new you will be inspired to create a conscious living lifestyle!

The Path of the Rose Journey is open to women ages 18+ and meant to assist you in creating the life you’ve always wanted!


This course:

  • Empowers you

  • Strengthens you

  • Offers traditions to be handed down generation to generation

  • Increases Intuition

  • Connects you to the earth

  • Offers you the power to self-heal and much more

Discover your inner alchemist, embrace the teachings and ancient ways of the Feminine, explore adaptogens, ancestry/lineage, herbal remedies, tincture making, setting up a home apothecary, plant medicine, natural beauty, foods for organic living and more!

Danielle Federico is a Conscious Living coach, Business Coach, Herbalist, Alchemist, Educator, Writer and Artist teaching throughout the USA. Her always progressive methods are straight forward, grounded and full of enlightening stories, real life experiences and integrated wisdom.

Your practice includes:

  • 42 hours of immersive coursework, not including extra support time

  • Enjoy art, poetry, ceremony, herbalism, plant communication, meditation and more.

  • Receive a bundle box filled with supplies and books for your journey - A $500.00 value.

  • Recordings of each module

  • A comprehensive manual and color slides

  • A certification of completion for Path of the Rose™

  • A one-year membership to United Plant Savers ( along with dozens of discounts to Herbal businesses such as Mountain Rose Herbs, Banyan Botanicals, Cedar Mountain Herbs and more.​​



  • Alchemy

  • Adaptogens

  • Herbcrafting

  • Apothecary design

  • Learn about the Path of the Rose and it's history

  • Herbal studies, including tinctures and sacred oils

  • Ancestry and Lineage

  • Celtic Traditions and the Wheel of the Year

  • The Feminine energies and how they influence the Rose Path


This is an immersive course and only open to serious practitioners.

Must have at least some knowledge of energy work

Tuition fee:


Deposit of $500.00 required if not paying in full

An application form will be provided as well as payment plan options if needed.


2024/2025 Dates beginning this April

Course can be completed in 6 months if meeting 2x's a month for a total of 4 hours


Can be completed in three weekends - a total of 6 full days

You meet virtually with your Teacher

Please email for registration and a connection call.


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