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The Modern Spiritualist™®, llc

Danielle Federico is the Owner/Director/Founder of The Modern Spiritualist™®, LLC

and Modern Spirit Wellness, an Integrated Higher Learning Consciousness and Wellness Center located in Massachusetts.


Danielle is a Mother of two, Writer, Visionary, Divine Feminine Conduit, Spiritual Activist,

Meditation Specialist, Leader and Motivational Spiritual Coach, focused on teaching Women from around the World. She teaches Self-Empowerment, Soulful Living and Expansive Awareness through Mindful Healing, Nutritional Practices, Soul Activation, Proactive Leadership Techniques, Trauma Recovery, Meditation and Intuitive Direction.


She is a Trauma Survivor and Advocate for those who have experienced Sexual Abuse and Addiction. She has devoted 20 years studying trauma effects of the body, mind and Spirit.


Danielle Coaches, Mentors and Teaches throughout the USA and Internationally.  She is devoted to unlocking and understanding reasons why some of us suffer and carry certain imprints in our physical bodies, mind and Spirit. She is a Conduit for Higher Energies, such as the Divine Mother and Archangel Michael.


In her Global Mission to empower those who are on a self-healing journey of discovery, Danielle applies Cellular Healing, Breathwork, Yoga and Philosophy, Intuitive abilities and other Mindful interventions.  Further, through her study of sound harmonics and intuitive channeling of Divine Self, Danielle’s visionary influence is felt throughout her teachings. Her journey of studying Archetypes, Soul Contracts and Mistaken Identity codes are an influential part of her work. She guides individuals on the importance of understanding these personal counterpart identities in order to fully develop intuitive and spiritual realization.


Danielle also enjoys working regularly with Children, teaching about how energy affects the body

and how to regulate symptoms such as stress, anxiety and depression. She is the founder of Children’s Chakra Development® and Modern Freedom Movement™ for Children.


Danielle is writing her first book on Spiritual Relationships and is the Author and Creator of Elora Method® and Modern Freedom Movement™. Both are Global initiatives to help empower Women to their greatest healing.  

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