danielle federico

OWNER of The Modern Spiritualist™®, llc

author of elora method© , founder of modern freedom movement© and WILD ROOTS JOURNEY©


Welcome to The Modern Spiritualist!

I am the owner and Director of The Modern Spiritualist, creator and author of Elora Method©, Modern Freedom Movement© and Wild Roots Journey©

I am so happy you are here!

I offer a menu of eclectic offerings and am excited to meet you and be your guide.

Here is a little about me :)

I am a mother of two, women's retreat leader, educator, writer, artist, visionary, makeup artist, alchemist, esthetician, Whole Living and Wellness Coach, wardrobe stylist, meditation and beauty expert.

When people meet me, they often ask "wow, you do all that"?
The answer is YES! Yes, I do.

I am a weaver of many things and full of inspiration and enthusiasm to share my life's work and knowledge.
I've been an artist my entire life, always learning, always striving to lean a little deeper into who I am. 
I've been lucky to have had a 20+ year entrepreneurial journey,
learning about what I love and well, what I don't.

That is what being a Modern Spiritualist means to me. 
To learn how to love life, learn about who you are and find your way to being unapologetically YOU.

That is what Whole Living and Whole Beauty is.
It's an evolutionary path that bring us closer to who we are meant to be.
Yes, you can be spiritual and still wear makeup, get tattoos, walk a runway, live organically and grow a garden. 

You can be anything you want to be and still be a good person while doing it.

That is what life is about.
Learning how to love all your parts and to do as many things as possible while you are here. 
I know I am all in... sliding into life knowing it's messy and yet full of wonder. 

Through my eclectic style, I offer expansive awareness through nature-based practices, art & beauty, sacred movement, sacred motherhood, alchemy, upcycling, education, artistry and a whole lot more.

Each session is carefully planned and co-created to provide you the most authentic, WHOLE Living experience.

20 years is a long time to be focusing on growth and creating what works. I've been blessed to have facilitated hundreds of trainings, workshops and have led 1000+ yoga and wellness classes. These offerings have shaped the woman I am today. I love that I get to share my unique style and flair with you.

Here are some of my previous endeavors:

Former owner of Modern Spirit Wellness in North Reading, MA
The Spirit Within in North Andover, MA
IMA Models, Boston, MA
Future Pro Model, Boston, MA
Face Designs Makeup Artistry, Boston, MA

A little more...

Yoga Education:

500+ hours of certified yogic practices in multiple modalities - Hatha, Kundalini, Yin, Yoga Nidra and Children's Yoga (see Yoga for Life on our drop-down Menu to learn more)

Last but not least...
•  PR/Event Planning
•  Certified Hypnotherapist 
•  Certified Life/Business Coach
• Wholistic Practitioner
•  Professional Makeup Artist
•    Licensed Esthetician
•     Author of Elora Method    
•    Meditation Coach (Adult/Children/Youth)
•     Shop Curator
•    Wild Roots Facilitator
•  Yoga Educator and Lead Teacher
•  Artistic Influencer and Muse
•  Herbalist (Chestnut Herbs)
•   Founder of Modern to Vintage Styling
•    EFT Practitioner (Emotional Freedom Technique)
•    NLP Practitioner (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)
•    Ordained Minister from the Sanctuary of the Beloved, Inc.
(a non-denominational church based in New York State)
•    Wedding Officiate (specializing in LGBTQ and non-traditional services)
•    Women's Retreat Leader and Retreat planner
•    Lead Facilitator for Mother's Rest and Reset Retreats
•    Children's Youth Coordinator for Alternative and Creative Development​

I look forward to being your guide, wherever you may be on your Whole Living Journey