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danielle federico

Danielle Federico - TOP Edits -3_edited_

I am a mother, a writer, artist, herbalist, nature lover and self-proclaimed magic maker.

When I'm not teaching, running classes or coaching, you can find me at my art easel,

working on my blog, on my paddleboard, cooking with my kids, upcycling and spending time in nature. 


My weeks are filled with clients from all over the world. 

My main work is to inspire and support CEO's, Creatives and Entrepreneurs 

towards growth, success and a balanced life. 



At one time, you could find me working in the Financial Industry, having worked for

Putnam Investments, Deloitte and Touche, Marsh and McLennan and State Street Research.

I then spent a few years working for a Placement/Recruitment Firm, Eliasson Group. 


Knowing in my heart the Universe had other plans, I ventured away from Legal/Law Firms

and explored the beauty, wellness and fashion industries for about a decade. 



In 2003, I became an Esthetician, Makeup Artist, Stylist and founded Face Designs Makeup Artistry.

I specialized in Bridal, Print, Runway, Commercial and Lifestyle work and traveled extensively.


In 2005, I opened a Runway School and Modeling Agency.

One of my partnerships was with I Soci Salon on Newbury Street in Boston as their in-house artist,

lead agency and fashion show liaison. I had the opportunity to work with many brands, artists, musicians, photographers, creatives and became a leading artist in the industry. 


With over 20+ years of entrepreneurial success and experience,

I have learned many strategies for growth throughout the years.



I work with Scientists, Doctors, Writers, Actors, Inventors,

Artists, Musicians, Chefs, CEO's, Models, Authors, etc., as a Conscious Career Coach. 


In 2010, I began my Wellness Journey and Career. I owned two Wellness Centers,

where I created, taught and developed countless courses, classes and oversaw a growing community.

I founded Path of the Rose, Elora Method and Modern Freedom Movement.

I closed my Center in 2020 due to Covid.


I now mostly coach and teach remotely; however, I do offer 1-1 sessions at my partner

location in Amesbury, MA upon request. Some of these offerings include mindfulness,

hypnotherapy, NLP, EFT, developing intuition, meditation, movement,

and trauma recovery coaching, using the Conscious Living construct.


I am also available for in-person business coaching, team leadership and
growth strategizing.


You may still find me on photoshoots between Boston/NYC and LA, while I creatively

collaborate with my talented sister and photographer, Darielle Rose.

She is the owner of The Awakened Creative Studio in Amesbury, MA.

Why do I call myself "The Modern Spiritualist"?

The Modern Spiritualist doesn't adhere to any one path or need permission

from others to lead a lifestyle that fulfills them.


The word spirituality is changing. How we practice is changing.

Many are feeling less connected to using this word.


We embrace this change.

We lean into the modern times and forge our own way. 


We realize that not all healing is linear or a one size fits all. 

Living a spiritual lifestyle is unique and personal and there is nothing more

modern or spiritual than choosing to live a conscious and empowered lifestyle, in your own way.​

Thank you for being here with me on this journey!



Previous Owner of:
*Modern Spirit Wellness 
*The Spirit Within
*IMA Models
*Future Pro Model
*Face Designs Makeup Artistry



900+ hours of certified yogic practices in Hatha, Kriya, Yin, Yoga Nidra and
Children's Yoga
Founder of Modern Freedom Movement

PR/Event Planning
Board Certified Hypnotherapist
Certified Life Coach


Conscious Motherhood (Postpartum Care)

NLP Practitioner (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)
Ordained Minister from the Sanctuary of the Beloved, Inc.
Wedding Officiant (specializing in LGBTQ and non-traditional services)


Professional Makeup Artist
Licensed Esthetician
Creator of Elora Method

(A 265 page training modality)   
Meditation Coach (Adult/Children/Youth)
Shop Curator/Alchemist
Founder of The Path of the Rose
Herbalist (Chestnut Herbs)
Founder of Modern to Vintage Styling

HBLU (Healing from the Body Level-Up)

EFT Practitioner (Emotional Freedom Technique)

Women's Retreat Leader and Retreat planner

Facilitator for Whispering Woods Retreats
Founder of CCD (Conscious, Creative Development) for Children

what clients are saying

Shawn S - Inventor and MD

I have been a client of Danielle’s for 6 years, ever since a family member recommended that I see her to help with guidance in my life. At the time, I was skeptical and hesitant to start working with Danielle. It turns out working with Danielle has helped me improve my outlook on life in numerous positive ways. Through Danielle’s career coaching, meditation practices, and intuitive guidance, she put me on a path of increased confidence and a better understanding of who I am and what I want in life. With Danielle’s counseling and support, I was able to transition into a different and new career direction. I never thought it would be possible to be starting my own business. Danielle’s bright, empathetic spirit extends beyond just the sessions and she reaches out with her friendship and contacts to help improve your life when she can. If you are looking to better understand who you are and what you want out of life, Danielle is an excellent guide to help you on your journey. 

Kevin D - Chief Investment Officer, Portfolio Management Leader

I would highly recommend Danielle for targeted focused results for Executive/Career coaching. It is a personalized experience but integrates the framework that Danielle has developed after many years of coaching. The framework adds tools that you are not going to find in any MBA program, or accumulate on your own as an industry veteran. And most importantly the process enables people who value their career as a pillar of their life to ensure balance and integrate all the other aspects of life for a true work life balance. Lastly, the program reminded me that we pursue our careers out of passion for the work. In many corporate environments today incentives are created that can lead us away from our true passions, Danielle's coaching teaches how to make sure that does not happen.

Nanci C - Yoga Instructor and Entrepreneur

My time spent with Danielle can only be described as enlightening and



Danielle is a highly intuitive and gifted teacher who is a thought leader in higher consciousness attunement.

Her innovative methodology regarding deeper access to self is leading edge while based in compassion and love.


Danielle is a beautiful soul, a true healer, and a powerful coach who will simply change your life and help you open new doors to self knowledge.


Enrolling in any of her program offerings will leave you inspired, illuminated and transformed.

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