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May Day - Happy Beltane!

Happy May 1st!

Today begins a fresh, new season of change and encouraging energies.

After a rocky March and April, we are finally getting our footing back and there is an abundant amount of renewal and hope in the air. I hope you are feeling this too.

May is one of my favorite months as it always seems to hold an extra nugget of magic with its offering of Spring flowers scenting the air, weaving a delicate layer of perfume for our senses to enjoy. There is so much to look forward to!

This month here at TMS, we will be talking a lot about sustainability, upcycling, healthy living, conscious career goals, gardening and empowered beauty. Spring classes are also starting up again! Check out our events below to register!


Spring Swap

May 18th in Amesbury, MA

Join us for a community event focused on thrifting & gifting! Our earth thrives on reducing our carbon footprint & up-cycling is just one way to give back. Do some spring cleaning, grab a friend & we will see you on Sat, May 18th at The Awakened Creative Studio in Amesbury.

Tending to the Sacred - A Spring Revival Class

May 19th - Virtual

Spring is all about rebirth and rediscovery. After a long winter, it's important to align once again with the rhythms of nature and conscious living. Learn about nurturing teas, medicinal herbs, body care, conscious living tools and sacred ceremony to uplift and inspire you for the warmer months.


Have you begun to plant your seeds/herbs for your garden?

Some to consider (and personal favorites) are: Rue, Lavender, Rosemary, Thyme, Wormwood, Mugwort, Sage, Basil, Oregano, Calendula, Valerian, Lemon Balm, Mint, Blue Vervain, Wood Betony and Rose.

My seeds are beginning to sprout and I cannot wait to have a healthy harvest this year of herbs and veggies!

There will be more classes coming soon to support nature syncing, wild crafting, movement, meditation and herbalism to cultivate a conscious lifestyle that is complete with wellness and connection.

Empowered Beauty:

With Mother's Day, Prom and Graduations fast approaching, it's always nice to gift (or treat yourself) to something unique and pampering!

You may consider a gift certificate from my alchemy shop, a makeup lesson, makeup application or thrifted styling experience. Choose your monetary amount and include a memo to let me know what service you are interested in. You may also choose from any of the Conscious Living Services. (Prices are listed under each service). Gift Certificates are available for purchase beneath the shop menu.

Conscious Career Coaching:

Each week, I am enthralled with creative clients, helping them to set goals and achieve success in their conscious living lifestyle. Conscious living isn't just on the weekends or when you have downtime, it is everyday and is incorporated into the work/life balance.

Success comes from a place of authenticity, confidence and being human. We can't forget to have healthy boundaries, set positive goals and to boost moral in a team environment with playfulness and mindfulness. Some of my top Executives, Doctors, Inventors and CEO's are discovering new skill sets to trust and inspire their own drive and excellence for empowered leadership. Email me for a complimentary consultation to see if Conscious Career Coaching is right for you and for team development.

I am also accepting new hypnosis clients. If you feel that imposter syndrome, stress, lack of confidence, anxiety or other subconscious challenges are affecting your growth and success, please contact me to learn more about how hypnotherapy may help.

If you can imagine it, you can create it and become it.

Conscious Living is an embodiment of YOU. There is magic in this way of living.

It is a lifestyle.

So, today I encourage you to put on a little something that feels powerful. Bold. Sexy.

Shake up your routine. Go to that new coffee shop. Take a walk in a new neighborhood.

Think about a project you've been putting off and reset goals for completion.

Add some new inspirations to your Pinterest boards or art journals.

Time time for that herbal salt bath.

Book a massage.

Write love notes to yourself.

Compliment someone close to you...

Today is a day to reset for the entire month.

Let's begin anew together.



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