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Eclipse Season - A Survival Guide

Updated: Mar 28

We are now in the eclipse season of 2024. After a potent kickstart to the year, there have been endless cycles of change. Only three months in and 2024 is the shapeshifter we didn't know we needed.

Change, metamorphosis, endings, beginnings, death and rebirth cycles, elimination of beliefs, a test of faith and removing limiting memories are just some of the vibrations we are experiencing.

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra

The Lunar Eclipse and Full Libra moon just graced us on March 25th. Leading up to this moon/eclipse was an onslaught of unusual energies, behaviors, consciousness shifts and ascension symptoms. You may have felt very unlike yourself. The ascension symptoms with this Lunar Eclipse were MASSIVE. If you are a Cardinal sign, (Cancer, Capricorn, Aries, Libra) then you were in the deep woods with this one. Cardinal signs fell onto the cardinal axis which aligned with this eclipse.

I found myself busier than ever here at TMS, wading through the murky waters with clients, who were experiencing a wide variety of new ideas, dimensional experiences, visits from the other side, extreme and debilitating anxiety, vivid and nightmarish dreams, feelings of death, rebirth and confusion. Add in some migraines, dizziness and nausea and we have a perfect eclipse cocktail of unsolved mysteries!

March was full throttle take off! And if you can you imagine, we have not landed yet. Solar Flares and Mercury Retrograde shadow added to the bumpiness and MR goes retro on April 1st -through the 24th in the sign of Aries. MR ends the post-shadow on May 13th.

On April 20th, we move into Taurus and if you are a cusp baby as I am, you may be feeling these movements just a bit more than others.

Super Pink New Moon Solar Total Eclipse in Aries

The next bumpy ride is upon us and we are in prep mode. On April 8th we have a Super Pink New Moon (a Total Eclipse) in the sign of Aries.

If you know, you know.

Many have been preparing for this for YEARS. This eclipse is directly tied into the August 21st, 2017 Total Eclipse we had in the sign of fiery Leo. That eclipse triggered some of the largest events and led a path of destruction, through the fire, to enter into the void, which opened tremendous doorways for growth, healing and rebuilding our centers. Our inner universe exploded into action in 2017, releasing karma and tearing down our walls. Think back to that timeline. Where were you? What changed in that year? It was the year of TRUTH and revelations. I remember many things burned to the ground that year - literally. Wild fires, earthly destruction, religious leaders being exposed and so much more. It's no wonder it was called the Great American Eclipse.

Fast forward through Covid, Government shutdowns, Wars, Fear, Inflation and much more...

It has been a ride - and we are making it through like Phoenix's rising.

Let's look at this image. (Image copyright Reddit) Can you see how the lines crisscross and connect us from the 8/21/2017 line to the April 8th, 2024 lineup? Friends, this Eclipse will be completing many cycles. April 8th will bring you internal healing, new opportunities and massive changes. It will take all of us to stay connected, lean on another and to understand that this is a global event.

I live close to the Totality but will be staying home. Events of this magnitude speak to us in different ways. I will honor the day and Eclipse outside, in nature with my feet in the dirt. My kids will stay home and we will observe this day as a sacred day. How will you be receiving this day? (Don't forget to get your eclipse glasses)!

We won't see another Total Solar Eclipse until 2044.

Becoming Conscious

You may notice great shifts in your mind, body and spirit as you FEEL your way through these energetic storms. What was once was may be no more. You may feel as if you want to tear down the walls and begin again. Wipe the slate clean. Have a redo. Leave things in the past. There is so much leaving our psyches, how we show up in the world, within relationships, career and for ourselves. Why is this? There has been an ego death as your subconscious shows you how to become CONSCIOUS - this results in discomfort, confusion, fear, sadness and anxiety. It is a deletion of distortions and programs. This is happening not just individually but collectively. You are evolving. The Universe is showing you a new path. Do pay attention. You are amazing.

Eclipse Survival Guide

  1. Remember your power - so many have been feeling vulnerable and powerless as the rise in Consciousness continues. As old programs delete and limiting patterns release, your power will be shaky. Work with the eclipse energies to claim your inner light and power that battery back up!

  2. Exercise to move energy - this is key. Movement will keep things flowing!

  3. Lots of water - Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! This will keep your cells fine tuned.

  4. Immerse in Water - Salt baths, Float Tanks, Skinny dipping, Ice plunges, name it. This will help you connect to your intuitive mind and conscious mind.

  5. Be careful with conspiracy theories - There will be so many stories told during these events. The narratives may get to be a bit much. Utilize this time to form your own opinions, do your research and stay clear of negative chatter.

  6. Check in with yourself - this is the time to trust your own journey. You are expanding and there is not one person on this earth that will not feel this upcoming eclipse in some way.

  7. You are the vessel. Everything you need is within you. Get grounded. Stay in your body. Write, dance, rest, spend time in nature. Fill up as much as you are able. I personally recommend working internally when processing through these shifts. If community works for you instead, be sure you know the environment. Everyone will be releasing a lot of energy in the coming weeks.

  8. Lastly, take care of your mind. See what you see, feel what you feel, but know that everything is temporary and you are becoming a more aligned, intuitive and CONSCIOUS being. This takes a lot of work. Let go of judgements, shame, negative thoughts and enjoy this dimensional timeline that we get to experience. It truly is magical if we shift our thoughts to see it that way. I know I am excited for the rest of this year.

We are entering the Age of Aquarius! The world will be a different landscape in the next 20 years. Aren't we lucky that we get to build it together? These are exciting times to be alive.



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