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darielle rose


Owner of The Awakened Creative Studio, Amesbury, MA (Our Partner Location)
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Growing up in Salisbury, MA I was always fascinated by the glamour and romance of movies. I began acting at a very young age for local theatre and fell in love with the entire production side of creating a show for an audience as well as the art of storytelling.

So much so, that I pursued my artistic sides by moving solo to Los Angeles, CA at nineteen years old to pursue on-camera acting and makeup artistry for film.

Hollywood Dreams

After graduating from MUD - Makeup Designory in Burbank, CA, I immediately began my film and television career as a Makeup Artist on Cartoon Network’s, “Awesome Show, Great Job, The Tim and Eric Show”. From there, I learned the “ins and outs” of set life. With each makeup opportunity I met exceptional creatives who changed my life.

The famous phrase, “it’s all in who you know” quickly proved its truth and the connections game began!

Now, in 2022, as I enter my 17th year in the industry, I am reflecting back on having had the immeasurable pleasure of touching the faces of A-List actors such as;

Rashida Jones, Alicia Silverstone, Kevin Bacon, Kyra Sedgwick, Sofia Vergara, Maggie Q, Cloris Leachman, Tim Roth, James Franco and so many more


In 2016 our Makeup Dept. and entire production team of “Making a Scene with James Franco” was nominated for an Emmy. James even asked me to act next to him for what he quoted ‘was his favorite episode’, the fun and wild experiences never stopped!


Photo Inspiration

Being a professional Makeup Artist brought me to consistently work with incredibly talented photographers; Nigel Barker, Amanda Peixoto-Elkins, Leslie Alejandro, Brett Erickson, Wes Klain, Dean Karr and dozens more. I traveled for multiple projects from LA, NY, internationally and even a brief residency in Jamaica with swimsuit models followed by an Oakley shoot with Olympic medalists throughout Norway.

After learning so much - from editorial, high fashion, studio, on-location photoshoots and collaborating with huge names such as these, I became inspired to begin shooting during my personal travels to Iceland, Greece and all around the streets of Brooklyn. I began the beautiful dance of chasing light. My love for photography and creating a story through portraiture is how “The Awakened Creative” was born.

Breathe Deep

During my early twenties I was also a Seva (fancy word for Volunteer) at multiple Hollywood Yoga Studios. I was seeking personal healing and when I was introduced to Robert Lee, my Breathwork meditation teacher, I knew his techniques would shift my life's direction. Robert certified me after years of practice and for over a decade I have been leading this specific style of Meta or Evolved Breathwork from yoga studios in Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Boston, the UK and Mexico to virtual and group sessions currently conducted at my Studio. It is unimaginably transformative with physical, mental and emotional experiences. I believe these are the benefits which truly define “The Awakened Creative.”

Home Sweet Home

After 15+ years in LA and NY, I recently moved back to my roots and reside in the beautiful coastal city of Newburyport, MA. My soul mission for opening “The Awakened Creative Studio” in Amesbury, MA is to bring my film and television industry skill sets HOME in order to continue storytelling by way of my main offerings.

As “The Awakened Creative”, my three sparks of personal happiness are Makeup Artistry, Photography & Breathwork. They connect and assist each other officially and individually to awaken and create a beautiful weave of inner and outer beauty and truth seeking. You will be guaranteed to “see yourself through a new lens.”

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