"the entire universe is within you."

- rumi

The Modern Spiritualist, llc

Is an Integrated, Higher Consciousness Learning and Wellness Center located in North Reading, MA.


We offer unique classes, workshops and continuing Spiritual and Yoga education for Adults and Children.

Our focus is on strengthening Human and Spiritual connection. We teach through the positive affects of Meditation, Mindfulness, Breath, Yoga, Philosophy, Energy and Unity Consciousness from both Eastern and Western influences.

We believe in elevating Global Consciousness and inspiring others who are ready to assist our beautiful planet towards healing through enriched Spiritual Practices and Lifestyle.

"In order to sustain human life on this planet, we must shift our own Consciousness to meet Mother Earth's.

We are running out of time to awaken."

-Danielle Federico 


In truth, many people need positive direction at this time. Our world is constantly changing and there is a very real "SHIFT" happening on this planet. More and more are feeling sensitive to energy, questioning their futures and feel increasing amounts of stress and anxiety. This is all part of the world awakening together, but growth and change is not always an easy path to explore alone.


Through many of the tools that we offer here you will begin to find inner peace, strength and relief internally and externally. The Center, being a Spiritual Center, focuses on teaching how to achieve and sustain overall Well-Being through High Vibration and Harmonious Lifestyle of Conscious choices and Conscious Living. Our goal is to bring understanding to who you are as


The"Shift" that is occurring across the planet is quite real. You may be feeling the changes but are unsure of what it means for you or how to interpret them.


That is our job.

We are here to open our doors and share what we know. We are different. We are unique in all that we do. The energy will guide you. All we ask is that all who learn these new ways, pass the teachings along in a safe and Sacred way.


We are freeing pathways of the limiting mind and ready to teach from the Heart, encouraging you to create a safe, internal sanctuary for healing and self-empowerment.

We are here to help you unlock your own Inner Heart Compass and share knowledge that is of Pure, Crystalline, Golden/Cosmic Consciousness.

Owner and founder of

The Modern Spiritualist,

Danielle Federico is a Spiritual Life Coach, Business Coach, Master Meditator, Breathwork Coach, Public Speaker, Yoga Teacher and Illumined Light Channel.

She is known to be an Angelic Intuitive and Visionary Teacher of the 5D. She is devoting her life to raising awareness through Higher Consciousness and helping others learn to do the same.

All of our Facilitators at

The Modern Spiritualist encourage green and holistic living, environmental awareness, physical awareness, Spiritual maturity, such as understanding Spiritual bypassing and Spiritual Laws

(teaching from TRUTH) and lead from a beautiful space of Harmonic Consciousness. We do not believe in or encourage hierarchy in any way. WE ARE ALL ONE!

(Learn more about our Facilitators

under the "About us" tab)

We inspire and actively encourage Unity, Spiritual Connection and Awareness of your higher self in order to be embodied as a highly thriving, joyful and authentic person!

Visit with us and Learn Spiritual Lifestyle through Self-Empowered Healing,

Spiritual Alchemy, Universal Connection,

and Self-Realization of

Internal Wisdom and Truth.

We thrive on sharing in Prayer and Mindfulness as a regular Devotion with our Students and Community.

Our focus is on healing Consciousness streams, learning to dance inside and to find balance in an unbalanced world.

You will learn the practice of Sacred Alignment and Soulful living.

We are teachers of the Divine Feminine and teach ancient wisdom for Modern Times.

As your Guides at

The Modern Spiritualist we are dedicated to leading you to your truest and purest truths, the truth of who you are and why you are here.

If you are on this planet at this time, there is a mission.

We all must do our part.


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