The Modern Spiritualist, LLC is owned by Elora Rose, Author of Elora Method© and founder of the Modern Spiritualist™, LLC, Modern Freedom Movement© and Children’s Chakra Development©


Elora Rose (also known as Danielle Federico) has worked with thousands of people, with a specific focus on Children’s and Women’s Spiritual Studies throughout the world and her offerings continue to grow. She expands her Services in 2020 with a focus on National and International travel, teaching and hosting Immersion Training's and Women's Goddess Retreats for Elora Method©.


Elora is a Visionary, a Leader and is on the forefront of helping women heal from suffering and trauma in order to self-empower themselves through Earth and Goddess based practices.

She teaches from the heart and draws from her own life journey of travel, soul stretching and real life Spiritual Apprenticeship. She believes in the power of Unity and invites you into her space as if you have known her forever. She shares her Sacred Medicine with you from her well of deep knowing.

Elora is known for her loving, liberated views as she has been deeply immersed on a Spiritual voyage of healing from a very young age. She openly shares her wisdom and findings to support your own unfolding. Together, you explore your own gifts and what it means to be a Modern Spiritualist in today's mainstream culture. She weaves stories, experiences, alchemy from old world teachings and the Rose Lineage of the Divine Feminine and the Goddess throughout all of her work.


It is her purpose to help as many Women as she can learn about Ancestry, understand Trauma, become embodied in their own Feminine Lineage and to create a beautiful, graceful, peaceful way of living and thriving as a Woman of the Earth. She teaches the art of Sacred Ceremony (how to create balance, harmony and honoring the Divine by creating a sacred space in your home), as well as movement, affirmation and honoring the Goddess through Yoga and Earth based teachings. She is a conduit for the Divine Feminine and Source energies, specifically the Divine Mother.


As the Feminine heals, the Masculine heals alongside us, for this is the Aquarian Age


The tools and teachings that Elora shares are to be handed down, generation to generation. She comes from a long line of “Rose Lineage” energy, with her maiden name being Rose. She has visited Sacred sites throughout the world to help her learn more about her own Lineage.


Through the teachings, you begin to create and cultivate a path that is of your very own, one that is pure, magical and full of Feminine practices! Some practices may introduce Womb Medicine, Deities/Goddesses, Sacred Sisterhood Circles, honoring the Elements, Devotional practices, Prayer, Meditations and falling deeply in love with Mother Earth, the Divine Feminine (Mother) and the reason why you are here on this beautiful planet.


Elora thrives on strengthening Human and Spiritual connection and teaches through the positive effects of Meditation, Mindfulness, Breath, Yoga, Sacred Feminine Energies and Unity Consciousness from her own journey of understanding these shifting and changing times. She shares greatly about Gaia's influences on all of us and why the World is moving in the direction it is. Her individual studies are vast, and she has worked with many renowned teachers.


Sharing in Sacred study with Elora Rose will open you to a whole world of self-discovery!


Read more about Elora in her Bio. She is accepting Private sessions via Zoom, FaceTime or phone beginning in March 2020. She has only a few spots left for in-person mentoring for 2020.

This is for either a 6 or 12 month mentoring.

Please email to inquire. 


All new clients must complete a questionnaire prior to scheduling so that Elora knows how best to guide you.

Email modernspirit@comcast.net for a request for session and a questionnaire will be sent.


Elora Method is being offered regularly. Please visit the tab “Elora Method” on the site for upcoming training opportunities or to request hosting Elora Rose for a retreat weekend.


Elora Rose is often seen with her Sister, Darielle Rose of www.theawakenedcreative.com

Darielle is the Photographer and Creative Director for Elora Method and the Modern Spiritualist. She is also the chef and co-facilitator for Elora Method Retreats. Read more about Darielle in her Bio.

"It is now, in this Aquarian shift, that life truly awakens within us. We begin to hear a call towards something we may not fully understand, but know that accepting the call, is without question, and may be the only way to see this World to a better place. It is for our Children, Grandchildren and for all living beings. The time is now”

-Elora Rose


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