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Scorpio Full Pink Moon - A Time for Luck and New Connections

The Full Scorpio Moon today is bringing lots to the table. Fatigue, stomach issues and strange events are all part of this moon's vibe.

How are you feeling?

Something I wrote down this morning: “Never give up on what you are passionate about because someone else is afraid of their own shadow”.

This Scorpio moon is bringing up old wounds to be healed. If something or someone is triggering you, take time to go within and ask where you are holding these fears, patterns and attachments.

I heard this statement the other day “feelings aren’t facts” and that really hit me in a good way.

Often, we feel so deeply, we look at those feelings as a reality and we create that illusion into a story. This floats around in our subconscious until we learn how to heal the wounds around the feelings.

This full moon is all about healing those feelings and creating balance in our life. If it’s harmful, let it go. If someone else lets you go because they don’t want to accept their own actions in a situation, let them go with forgiveness and compassion.

Remember we are only mirrors and examples for one another.

One of the tools I use often in my coaching practice is to learn how to “break a connection”.

Too often we hold onto uncomfortable memories, people, places and things and this can hold us back.

Mentally focusing on “breaking the connection” to a relationship or experience can move you forward with ease and allow you to see where your energy is going.

This moon is a guide to those feelings and memories, nudging us to break the connections that limit.

Embrace this moon.

It’s powerful, watery and freeing. It’s bringing good luck even though it may feel murky in the moment. The path will become clear.

P.S. Don’t forget to collect your moon water for bath soaks and other magical shenanigans.


With love always,


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