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Danielle is a Conscious Career Coach offering Leadership & Lifestyle Tools

 Whether or not you are an Individual or









and more...


Danielle's skill set offers modern tools for growth and excellence toward building a life

that is authentic, unique and successful - in any environment.


The working climate is demanding more of its Leaders, 

while also asking for a shift in team dynamics, diversity and commitment toward

 a well-balanced life + work synergy. 


 Danielle's tools will guide you to become organized, efficient and clear with your goals and vision.


Developing Conscious Awareness and Conscious Compassion is a process of self-discovery.


Her sessions will help you achieve your greatest potential,

build confidence, develop strategies for growth and communication,

build better relationships with your team and to discover your Leadership integrity and identity. 


Danielle is Massachusetts based.

Sessions are offered virtually and in-person


Please fill out the form below to schedule a complimentary consultation.

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