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If you are interested in outsourcing or collaborating 

for projects or media requests, please send an email to

Most services may be provided on-site or at my partner location

77 Elm Street, Amesbury, MA

Travel/collaborations are welcome

Some ways to collaborate:

  • Fashion Shows/Fundraisers with upcycled clothing

  • Philanthropy

  • Volunteer work

  • School Events/Education for Wholistic Living/Green Living


    Wholistic Living Events and Retreats

  • Alchemy Bar for Events

  • Apothecary Setup

  • Podcasts/Interviews

  • Media Requests

  • Public Speaking

  • Sustainable Living - Public Speaking/Education

  • TV/Film

  • Professional Photography (Darielle Rose)

  • Breathwork (Darielle Rose)

  • Destination Weddings/Events

  • Wedding Officiation

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