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"Danielle is a POWERFUL healer, the real deal. I live across the country from her and was slightly wary about not being able to see her in person, but that hasn't affected our work in the least as she is truly able to see and communicate directly with spirit. She has been able to help me move through some seemingly stuck patterns and move forward, also to advise. Danielle not only has deep intuition, she has so much knowledge of different healing modalities to share. Not only does she work on me, she has given me tools to do the work on myself. She is very clearly an Earth Angel and an extremely effective healer.

She has not only given me information to help me carry out my life's purpose, she has given me insight into root causes for the true healing to begin."

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"I’ve had two private Meditation sessions with Danielle so far and she is AMAZING!!

Her ability to create connection and offer such a welcoming environment is outstanding. 

I  am so thankful for what I have learned from her and can’t wait to see how my journey unfolds.

I highly recommend

The Modern Spiritualist to anyone, no matter where you are  in your journey." 

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"I have been seeing Elora at the Modern Spiritualist for a couple years now- ranging from personal sessions to yoga classes to certification weekends. These classes and sessions have changed my life in a way that words cannot describe. She was able to guide me to see deep into myself and my life purpose, finding my power and stepping into my heart. The education I have received is priceless, and I recommend every person make the decision to visit her in any way they feel called. "

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"Danielle is more than an amazing human being! 

She is consistently helping others grow, while she ventures her own journey. 
She is real, she doesn’t pretend not to be human. 
There are many spiritual teachers these days; however I wouldn’t trade Danielle for any!

She’s a Mom and a Wife and still finds time to help people on their spiritual paths. 
She is a true inspiration to me."

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"My time spent with Danielle can only be described as Enlightening and life-changing. Danielle is a highly intuitive and gifted teacher who is a leader in attuning others to access their Higher Consciousness.

Her innovative methodology regarding deeper access to self is leading edge while based in compassion and love.

Danielle is a beautiful soul, a true healer, and a powerful coach who will simply change your life and help you open new doors to


Enrolling in any of her offerings will leave you inspired, illuminated and transformed."

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"Nothing happens by accident in this lifetime! I was referred to Danielle by a friend. 

The minute I met Danielle I knew she was meant to be in my life and would help me find my life’s purpose. I was in so much physical pain from inflammatory Arthritis which was undiagnosed. Working with Danielle brought me closer to my Higher Power and gave me the courage to take care of myself and be part of my own healing.

Each session has helped me get better and better and accept myself for who I am today.

I am grateful to call her my Soul Sister and Earth Angel!"



"I wanted an intimate, simple and beautiful wedding and with Danielle I was able to get that and so much more. 

Her intuition and ability to connect at the energy level was the perfect combination to bless our union.

Her guidance and suggestions led us towards making our wedding resemble everything that I had ever envisioned.

 Thank you!"

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"I received a gift certificate from Modern Spirit Wellness, not knowing what to expect from Danielle. After my second class, 

I can tell you that greatly looked forward to my future visits with her! 

Danielle has helped me to find peace and joy. Her energy is calming and spiritual.

It beckons one to find inner self while it envelopes you in warmth and fills you with sincerity.

Danielle is magnetic!

Her experience has allowed her to create an atmosphere like no other. She has a special gift that she is willing to share. If you need to move in a new direction, if you need to find yourself, if you need to grow, if you simply need, please accept the gifts that Danielle can help you find."



"Working with DANIELLE IS working with AN ANGEL!

She has gifts and talents that are from the heavens.

She was sent to this earth to help heal, educate and empower.... The best way to describe what you feel like having worked with her is LIGHTER. If you need someone to help you bust through blocks, enlighten and shake your spirit wide awake to reach its best and fullest potential -

Danielle is the "Earth Angel"

for you. 
Thank you Danielle for your EXCELLENCE in helping and serving others and for sharing your light and wisdom... The world needs more of YOU!!"

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