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Magical May - a Channel with Grandmother Moon - by Danielle Federico

I received this Channel yesterday, May 1st. I hope you enjoy it!

Today, being the first day of one of the most beautiful months of the year, we are asked to Celebrate! We have been dancing in the realms with our shadows and learning about the importance of our work here on this earth. Today, we Pray. We integrate the shadow and the light, blending them together so that we can see in the moonlight. The shadows that have danced around us, no longer cast that eerie glow but instead ask us to be grateful. For in the shadows you see, we learn the most about vulnerability. To be vulnerable is to be joy and to be joy is to be light. This beautiful May Day, the first day you see, is meant to be purifying and celestial! The Elemental Realms open the doors and peek through and say hello! The flowers whisper amongst the blades of grass, sharing secrets of the past. They shed the shadow too, reaching for the sun as they grow and grow, letting us know that they are awakening too. They stretch and reach, higher and higher! They let go and they know that they too are experiencing the great dance of the plants; the love of Venus, showering them with love and light.

On this beautiful Day of May, we plant the seeds deeply into the soil and let all of our beauty and riches grow. We bury them deep and walk away. We trust in the earth and we know that very soon, these seeds will become a beautiful tree or flower or herb. This knowing, just like the air we breathe, allows us to feel free. The Earth has a way and we do not question HER way. Instead, we place all of our Faith into her hands.

Treat yourself like you would that seed. Plant what you KNOW will happen and do not look back. Honor the rising and falling of the sun each day and know that the shadow comes just as vividly as the light. When we can “see” in the moonlight, then all fears subside and only then does the purest of magic fall upon you. The moonlight is time to rest and retreat and to acknowledge the jewels in the sky that provide this light…the moon, Grandmother Moon, asks of you “My child, why do you fear me? Don’t you know that I take away all the old and make it new again? Don’t you know that I provide you with the greatest amount of protection each night? I am your star, your light and your blanket of the night. I am the compass that tells you which way to stand or sleep so that you can find strength and ignite your inner power at midnight. For it is at midnight that a new day is born and all that has happened becomes that of the PAST. Each day at Midnight, the clock strikes Twelve and all of the past is set free.

I am Grandmother Moon, the Goddess of the Star Realms and the protector of Fairies. I am here to tell you a story. A story that began long ago when the Earth was first born and the very first Star sat in the sky. It was just me back then. Just me and that lonely star. We sat there together, not very far from one another. We sat and we stared and we sat some more. Days and nights turned into years. Years turned into Centuries. We were very old and we learned to love one another. During all of this time, we never spoke. Not a single word. It was in the silence of this star that I saw my first shadow. In the stars reflection each night, I saw myself. Every day and every night, I would sit awake in the sky and wait to see my little friend, the star. I would long to see what I looked like, shining like a mirror in her eyes. I was always changing; yet always the same. I was intrigued. One night, when I felt like I was shining extra bright, another star came into the moonlight. Sitting beside my first friend, the star, was a bigger, brighter star. I looked on in astonishment!

Where did this other star come from? How did she get there? Why were there two of them and only one of me? Careful to not show them that I was overcome with fear of my own, afraid of being all alone…I started to become very aware of my size in the sky and a deep tiredness overcame me. I wanted to disappear. Taking a deep breath, I quickly decided that instead of showing them my fear, I was going to glow as bright as I could. Brighter than ever before, even though I felt tired and weak and weary. I called on my strength, remembering that I always felt my best when I allowed my light to glow extra bright! As I pushed and pushed and expanded my light, moonlight beaming all around me and over every dark place in the night sky, the fear miraculously dissipated. I became ALL OF ME and ONLY ME. I encouraged myself to bring light even to those places that I thought I couldn’t reach, the places that I couldn’t see. I squeezed my eyes shut, trusting in the light and I spent a very long time casting my light onto the shadows of the sky. Once I felt that I had brought my light to every place I could be, I opened my eyes and to my surprise, there were now HUNDREDS of stars in the sky! Oh my! If only I could cry out to them! Who are you? Where did they come from? I would ask them how they found me!

Again, my question came, why so many of them and only one of me? I trembled and felt small in the sky.

Night turned into day and for the first time in a long time I allowed myself to rest. My eyes, heavily closed as I had been so tired from sharing my life with my own true friend, the 1st Star. As I rested, I heard a voice inside my large moon head that said “There is only one of you, because you have the most important job to do. No other could do this job but you.” The stars in the sky appeared because of your love, not your fear. You cast a glow so powerful and so bright that it encouraged those other stars to stand tall in their own light. You gave them the permission to fill up and be seen. They will never feel fear again as long as your light fills up the night.” In a flash, I felt all of this love move inside of me and that feeling of tiredness and fatigue vanished. The fear of being alone vanished. I felt extra-large and TALL! How could I be tall? I was round and curvy! All of a sudden, oh my...I knew... I could... SPEAK! I felt it first. I heard it second. I had a voice now! Or maybe I had had a voice all along? I was too overwhelmed to sort that out. My fear was healed and I found my voice. I sounded like wind chimes and butterfly wings! I began to SING! The sound that came from me reached every space in the Universe. It filled voids and tunnels and places I didn’t even know existed. I cried, I laughed, I SAW.

I now knew that there would never be anyone else like me. I had to shine high in the sky, commander of the night, protector of the star realms, sitting with my one true Star friend, in order to encourage other Stars to shine like me!

The voice continued to say “Those other Stars were able to regain their light because you shone your light upon them. Because of YOUR radiance, these stars were able to reclaim their own radiance too. For you, GrandMother Moon are the greatest Mother of the sky. It is your job to continue to shine your light upon the sky so that the entire world can be bright. It is your job as the protector of Fairies and the Elemental Kingdoms that when those from down below someday become part of the sky, they too will need your light to become stars of the sky. You will help them remember their light through your love, strength and grace. They will know what it is to be loved. Grandmother Moon you never once have been alone. You have been a guiding light for all Beings. I, the Highest Guide of all, have been with you. I have been teaching you. Your unconditional love for our first Star never ceased. Not once did you stop loving or shining for your friend. When the second Star appeared, even though you felt afraid, you chose to shine your light brighter, overcoming fear with Trust and Faith. GrandMother Moon you have earned your place in the sky. You are a forever Guide for all who need to know Light. You are a bringer of Light and a Keeper of Light. Lead and teach by this example”.

My voice bellowed out from my place in the sky. “Yes! I promise. I will shine my light even when there is darkness. I will bring light to places I haven’t even thought of before. I will not be afraid when others show up and I do not know them. I will honor them and shine light in their corners of darkness too. I now know that in my power of light, I can become the light for others too.” Together we walk in the light, bask in the light and become the light and the dark places will be no more." I've held my place in the sky ever since. Casting moonbeams onto trees, guiding ships in the seas and creating Infinite Stars in the sky. I love being ME. Written by Elora Rose (Danielle Federico)

The Power of the MOON

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