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A Super Moon in Libra and Spring Equinox in the Same Day...

"Beneath this Super Full Moon there is a rising.

There is a palpable energy of Light and Holy Harmony that is being ushered through the realms. We let go of times from long ago, times that were sharp, cutting and callous.

We are being freed from deep suffering and the physical body has been responding through the need to sleep and rest.

Our entire self is being tested.

The pain and sorrow that has been bellowing out from those across the world, as the world cries out in pain together, brings us flesh to flesh, heart to heart and spirit to spirit, reminding us that we are all one.

These times, as uncertain as they are, are still calling us home to one another.

We are being reborn right here and now for this renewal time of Spring and enormous shifting forward. The Equinox sings to us and we hear her cries across the silken ashy skies,

begging us to come home to her.

We come home to hear her as she cries.

Come home to the beautiful sacredness inside.

The growing belly of this beautiful earth grows and grows and we grow with her.

The nourishing of these times is here for all to experience if we want to.

We must not forget who we are as a race

Magic Moon Hands

and as individuals and that has been the greatest test.

So many have forgotten.

Most have fallen asleep to the fact that we are all light and in that light is peace and protection and salvation to the highest light of all creation.

Creation is alive inside each of you.

We are all being asked to FEEL and for some that has been quite uncomfortable.

There is no epidural for this birthing experience.

We are meant to feel the wounds of our past and the ancestors that have come before us. Throats, heart, hands and heads are being recalibrated.

We are feeling the imprints of experiences from long ago.

As we push out the debris, we create a new inner home.

A special place inside just for LIGHT.

In order to grow and find our way as the people that we are meant to be, we must learn to stand on our own two feet.

The push to find strength and to say NO across the globe is being heard!

If you are feeling the call to rise and reemerge with a VOICE, then you are not alone!

This is the time where SILENCE is no longer an option.

This Moon and the strength of her message is that we are all one and that we must tear the blindfolds from our eyes and SEE.

See through the illusions of the control and fear and SEE what is right before us.

See the PEOPLE as the PEOPLE.

See us as the Beings that we are intended to be.

This is the time to not stand by.

I see a vision of thousands of people getting ready to leap forward, as if they are at a start line in a race, ready to take action.

Yes! Ready. Set. Go!

We are receiving the messages from the Universe, but so many feel overwhelmed, exhausted, scared, distracted and uninspired. Please realize that this can shift if you bring Conscious Awareness to these emotions, sensations and feelings.

These suspended experiences are not YOU.

This is the time to CHOOSE. Choose to remember YOU.

The distractions and chaos will continue unless you put your feet into the sand and take a stand to realign your power! It will take hundreds of thousands, millions, perhaps billions of people from across this world to UNIFY. We are unfortunately racing against time to make everlasting changes for our World. This SUPER FULL MOON will be our greatest start.

She is here to SEE you and help you join forces with teams of lightworkers and leaders that are making a difference and ready to FIGHT for a whole NEW World.

Let's feel her POWER.

Let's feel her LOVE.

Let's feel her FIRE.

Let's taste the EARTH.

Let us RISE so that we see the FINISH LINE.

This Moon calls you home to a unification of Self, so that we can all unite as a WHOLE.

We are in a time of deep reconnection to something long forgotten.

The uprising that is taking place within each of us is profound and monumental.

The inner Tree of Life blooms and shakes her leaves and drops all of the debris to become part of the earth again.

WE become part of the earth again. Lastly, I am receiving a profound message.

"Be you or be forgotten, for how can anyone remember someone

who doesn’t fully exist in their true form"?

Sit with this for a while. Let it speak to you. Be you.

You are all that you are ever meant to be, right here, right now."

With love, 

Danielle Federico (Elora Rose)

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