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The Spiritually Conscious Entrepeneur

As a Conscious Coach, I work with like-minded business professionals, artists, musicians, writers, producers, CEO's, CIOs, and entrepreneurs from all backgrounds, diversities, belief systems and educational levels.

One of my main goals as a Coach is to introduce and explore what it means to be conscious in business and in life (they both go hand in hand). I personally have been a CEO and business owner with a diverse background for over 20 years. I have experienced many ups, downs and everything in between as an entrepreneur.

In today's modern world we are inundated with emails, commercialism, consumerism, new online systems, platforms, social media and AI. This can be a cause for concern, stress and overwhelm. Often, we feel as if we can never keep up.

Luckily, one thing remains consistent in our collective and that is CONSCIOUSNESS. This plays a big role in how we live our lives AND how we run our businesses.

Each day, our focus is easily stolen, and we are distracted by a false reality. We sabotage ourselves into thinking we are not enough or are unable to experience success because of a sea of competition and saturation of inauthenticity. This often leads to imposter syndrome and a lack of confidence. It is becoming increasingly harder to stand out in the world and to be seen for who you are.

A Conscious Leader recognizes this and implements strategies to not only empower themselves but their team. They learn how to appropriately disengage from distractions and to utilize their time efficiently and with purpose. They learn to think outside of the box and stay in their own lane, regardless of how competitors are operating.

In fact, a good Coach will instruct Conscious Entrepreneurs to stop comparing themselves to others and to increase their focus to form a laser sharp image of how they will maintain and increase growth, margins, sales and continued success. A strong Coach will teach confidence building and help guide you towards a self-empowered mindset. This can be encouraged through meditation and mindfulness and requires a daily practice and discipline to stay inspired and committed.

To be conscious means to hear, see, speak and observe from a very present lens. It means to look at what you are doing with soul, integrity, strength, intuition and leadership. It means that you clearly see what you are managing, structuring, growing and have a connection to your values. A Conscious Entrepeneur does not operate from a limiting belief system.

A Conscious Coach will guide you towards living a lifestyle that includes your life's work. You will become very aware that the work you are doing has purpose, purity and direction. You KNOW your why and your mission.

A Conscious Entrepeneur lives their brand, knows the demographics, is versed in diverse language, understands both positive and negative outcomes, is up for challenges and is fluent in the language of their industry.

The Conscious Entrepeneur is a researcher, adventurer, storyteller, salt-of-the-earth type of person who is also an empowerment coach for everyone they meet. They are for the people, but not people pleasers. They know how to speak, influence and live the lifestyle that includes their life's work. They understand that in order to live a life they love that their work IS an extension of their lifestyle too. They know that they are only as good as their team and if they are not aligned with their business culture, then others won't be either.

They understand that failure is not an option or a word that they explore.

What is failure?

As an Entrepreneur and Coach, I don't use that word in my practice.

I don't believe that failure truly exists. I believe that everything we consciously explore is a choice. Sometimes those choices mitigate risk and risk can become strength. I have overseen teams, managed staff, have had partnerships, owned four companies, hired, fired, sold businesses, taken many risks, all by choice. I have met people from all over the world, all uniquely different and all who I have learned and grown from. My choices have gifted me more than I can share.

Do I believe I've failed in any of my businesses? No. Have they all been successful monetarily? No. Have they led me to where I am today? Yes. A Conscious Entrepeneur and CEO have no regrets, only lessons. And empowered growth mindset.

As an Entrepeneur, the journey to success has been a long road. I've had to learn how to become increasingly aware of what I want, who I work with and how I strategize growth in today's competitive and often disconnected world and business market. My job is to make real connections, influence others into leadership and to create a team environment with my clients. I've worked in Corporate America, been a household name in the Fashion and Modeling Industry, owned two Wellness and Yoga Centers and have worked hard to be an influential Coach today. None of this would have happened without my experiences and people who have influenced my journey along the way. I am deeply grateful.

How does Spirituality influence a Conscious Entrepeneur?

The answer is simple.

If you are choosing a lifestyle based on consciousness, then this is influenced by a higher power and a spiritual knowing. You are committing to a lifestyle that is based on integrity, truth and authenticity. You choose to lead from a place where your values are consistently aligned. Perhaps you include prayer, meditation, yoga, mindfulness, martial arts or have your own way of "tuning in" to something of a higher vibration. Consciousness comes from a light within you. It's a wisdom that awakens the more you practice staying aware. It strengthens you from the inside out.

A Conscious Entrepreneur believes in driving excellence forward. They trust in what they are building, leading and inspire others to do the same. They are our future, but they are also our present.

Let us all be guides for one another and integrate the diverse climate that we live in so that we remember to pass down the stories, leave our footprints on this earth for others to discover and live the best lives that we can. It is up to each of us.


Danielle Federico



Danielle Federico owns a Conscious Living Company based out of Massachusetts. She is a Writer, Artist, Herbalist, Spiritual Coach, Motivational Speaker, CEO, Business Coach and Entrepreneur. She is also a Wellness Coach for Movement, Meditation, Mindfulness, Yoga and Breathwork and is the founder of Modern Freedom Movement™ and Children's Conscious Development™.

Learn more about her and her work at

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