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New Earth Consciousness

Discover New Earth and The Age of Aquarius
Raising Consciousness

We are in a crossroads of consciousness. This is true for both personal and collective consciousness as the energies align us for the 8/8 Lion's Gate. The Cancer New Moon on 7/5 catapulted us into unusual territory with three planets retrograde and the Sirius Gateway opening (when the Sun and Sirius align). These energies are here with us until the Lion's Gate portal on 8/8. Sirius offers us a higher consciousness and is considered to be a Spiritual Sun and is VERY potent.

Mix all of this together with the incoming New Earth Consciousness and the Age of Aquarius where technology, forward thinking, AI and ET advancements are at our heels. It is the destruction of narcissism, control and patriarchal systems.

Pluto is currently retro until October, Saturn until November and Neptune until December. Uranus will be retro in September, Jupiter in October and Mars in December. Mercury goes retro from August 4th-August 27th. Of course, any time planets go retro, it feels as if we are going backwards.

This is a lot of planets going retro and we are beginning to feel the bumpy roads ahead, albeit powerful, edgy and transitional!

Due to this, you may have noticed these last few days caused you to feel a bit upside down, sleepy, irritable and thinking a lot about the past. Dreams have been vivid and stirring both the feminine and the masculine as unfinished soul contracts work through unraveling the remaining threads. These are just visions to help you process what needs to be healed, seen and released. The lesson here? Observe and don't react. Take time to listen, see and make a plan. Sometimes the best plan is to do nothing and let the Universe work its magic.

It is a precarious time because if we are not careful, we can mistake these visions, feelings and emotions for something that needs immediate action. It doesn't. Instead, stay very present with your thoughts and keep imagining a new earth consciousness, filled with new patterns, thoughts and ideas and energy. It is in the crumbling of the old that we step into the new, although as the old slips away, it will still be felt within you. You do not need to give it active attention if it has been healed. It's just coming up for review.

If healing still needs to be completed ask that the healing be done in the New Earth, so the energies of the new planetary grids and alignments become your teacher and guide. All of the old can be transmuted and upgraded into new codes and ideas. It is all happening now.

As the energies intensify, write down your thoughts and feelings before acting upon them. We are walking a delicate line of balance so that we stay in the yin/yang energies as much as possible. It is too easy to fall back into old behaviors, thoughts and ideas - instead, look at how the past has shaped your life thus far and how you want the present to shape the now and the future.

We also have a full moon in Capricorn on July 21st, mirroring the June 21st full moon in Capricorn. This will be exceptional as it ties up loose ends and moves you through into the next gateway. So much is being completed and aligned!

In regards to how we perceive and receive others, allow everyone to be on their individual journey. If you are experiencing losses, (i.e. jobs, relationships, loved one's passing on), do your best to let the Universe lead with its higher intelligence. We have to learn to let go and be led. There is a master plan unfolding for each of us and it's up to us to hold the torch for one another, leading by example and keeping a hand at one's back, coaching them through. It is no longer time to do the work for the other person. It's about accountability and ownership.

It is about finding the light within and allowing that to be your compass as we raise consciousness together.

For those who are enrolled in the Path of the Rose teachings with me, mark your calendars for 7/22 - It is Mary Magdalene's feast day following the full moon. There is much to be done to prepare for these shifting times.

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Coming next:

Spiritual Preparations for the Lion's Gate + check out The Age of Aquarius Writing Series next month! Registration is open.

In Consciousness,

Danielle Federico

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