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Wild Path


60 minutes - $150.00

90 minutes - $200.00

Explore a healthier lifestyle to support wholistic living through a balanced approach that is unique to you.


Through this style of coaching, you will find nature-based ways that allow for sustainable living which will leave you feeling motivated & inspired!


Build an at home Apothecary, plan your herbal garden, learn about wholistic care & wellness and create a lifestyle plan designed to create change for continued success.


Enjoy green food options, adaptogens and elixirs. Learn about bath steams, salt soaks, aromatherapy, DIY tinctures, tea blends and more.


There will be a 21-day plan created for motivation and to instill healthy habits to achieve a path that is entirely your own!


Artist in Workshop


60 minutes - $150.00

90 minutes - $200.00

Packages Available

Career Coaching is available to those who are needing guidance at any stage of their professional career. 


 Doctors, Scientists, Inventors, Actors,

Celebrities, Musicians, Start-up businesses and Authors have been happy clients!

Expand upon your business plan goals, learn industry language, update your resume, explore strategies for success, increase sales, volume and gain more exposure. 

Danielle will be your Strategist Coach.


She draws from 20+ years as an Entrepreneur and 15 years as a professional Coach.

Read more about her under "OWNER"

Bride nymph at water, Slavic rituals, pagan magic scene, nature power concept.jpg


*email for rates and availability

Danielle will be your officiant and will help you in creating a day that is timeless and memorable. 


Your Wedding is a day of magic and promise between two souls, joining a life together. This is a day where words weave a timeline of abundance, love and devotion. Working with the right Officiant makes all the difference.


She offers a non-denominational service and will work with you in designing your perfect vows and ceremony.


 Ordination is through the “Sanctuary of the Beloved" in NYC. Officiant services offered throughout the US.


Now available for

 2023 and 2024

Recording Artists


60 minutes - $150.00

90 minutes - $200.00

Packages Available

Are you an artist, writer, creator looking for new ideas or in need of inspiration for your project? 

 This coaching option is grounded, full of support, offering authentic and realistic approach and offers a selection of tools that you get to choose from.


Some may include:

Creative writing, art journaling, meditation, space organization, strategies for growth and expansion and more! You will find success and excitement in all that you are creating!

As an artist, creator and alternative life and business coach with over a decade of experience, I am committed to offering unique lifestyle tools and guidance to assist as many as I can towards living a more harmonious and inspired life. 

Some of my clients are:


    Warner Bros.


  • Disney

  • Columbia Records

  • NECN

  • NBC

  • Emmy Winners

  • International Best-Selling Authors and more!


 Conscious couples

60 minutes - $150.00

90 minutes - $200.00

Packages Available



Couples Coaching offers a healthy, conscious exploration between relationships and partnerships.

In these sessions couples explore belief systems, past and present conflicts or challenges, inner child work, traumas, nervous system healing and regulation, subconscious repatterning, understanding trauma-bonding, tools for healthy communication, somatic release, (which could include movement, meditation, breathwork, or tapping), discovering love languages, co-dependencies and more. ​

Each session is carefully planned to provide gentle, yet effective tools for positive results.


Danielle incorporates techniques from years as a trauma-informed life coach, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner), Hypnotherapy, Advanced Healing Therapies, Somatic practices and countless happy & thriving couples!


A complimentary consultation is provided to all couples.

A woman practicing yoga, sitting on a mat in a lotus position, is engaged in meditation on

post-natal yoga

60 minutes - $85.00

90 minutes - $125.00

Packages Available

You can practice Yoga after delivery with the right tools, guidance and practices. 

It is recommended to wait at least 6-8 weeks post-natal to begin your practice, longer if you experienced a c-section. 

Your body will love the self-care it receives and will begin strengthening you for a regular yoga practice. 

Every woman heals differently, thus a full consultation is required for each woman interested in post-natal yoga and care. 

You will learn:

-The right postures

-How to use props at home

-Support with post-partum care

-Ayurvedic suggestions

-Strength building techniques

and more! 

Available for in-person, online learning or studio classes


mindfulness and meditation

60 minutes - $125.00

90 minutes-$175.00

Series Package Available

In order to fully experience a Wholistic Living lifestyle, a practice of mindfulness and meditation is key. 


Danielle will share some of her most powerful tools, techniques and ways to quiet the mind and achieve a more balanced approach to daily living.



  • Breathing Practices

  • Best Time to Meditate

  • Quieting the “Monkey Mind”

  • EFT (Tapping)

  • Meditation for Healing

  • Create a Daily Practice

  • Clearing Through Blocks

  • Meditation for Peace

  • Meditation for Lineage/Ancestry

  • Meditation for Health

  • Deep Rest/Deep Sleep Techniques

  • Practices for Stress Reduction

Woman Unloading Grocery

the sustainable home

60 minutes - $150.00

90 minutes - $200.00

If you feel overwhelmed with the idea of creating an eco-friendly home; you are not alone!


Upcycling, reusing, reducing to create a greener home can be a daunting task. Especially if you have children at home!


Discover tools and tricks that will help make this sustainable project fun and easy!


Achieve your goals on a budget that you set! 

Choose from:

  • Kitchen Organization 

  • Pantry and Linen Closets

  • Eco-friendly Products (do-it-yourself)

  • Apothecary Setup

  • Strategies to re-organize, implement recycling, limit waste and create a space for greener living. 

  • Clothing overhaul-thrifting and donating


Ocean Rocks


60 minutes - $150.00

90 minutes - $200.00

Packages Available

Sessions for adults, couples,

children and teens

These sessions are geared to help with:

  • A reduction of stress and anxiety 

  • Inspires life guidance and support

  • Encourages healthy sleep patterns

  • Recommendations for Wholistic lifestyle to support a healthy mind/body/spirit

  • Hypnotherapy

  • Tapping techniques or EFT for stress and anxiety or trauma sensitive recovery

  • Certain areas may be explored such as energetic blockages, limiting beliefs, spiritual symptoms, somatic healing, breathwork, movement, nutrition and more

Together we will create a wellness plan that is best suited for you.


Yoga at Home

vibrational energy healing services

60 minutes - $150.00

90 minutes - $200.00

Packages Available

Vibrational Energy Healing offers self-empowerment tools to encourage healing on a cellular level.



  • ​Progressive Relaxation

  • Intuitive Development

  • Tapping (EFT)

  • Meditation

  • Guided Imagery

  • Breathwork

  • Music, chimes and sound healing


Vibrational energy works with the vital system to reduce stress and anxiety and to strengthen the nervous and immune systems.

This session works on all subtle levels to offer harmony, peace and balance. 

You will feel rejuvenated and self-empowered to continue your own healing journey. 


Woman with medicinal herbs and tinctures. Selective focus. Nature..jpg

nature based study

60 minutes - $100.00

90 minutes - $150.00

Course Package Available

Nature-based study is a 1-1 journey that explores the rhythms of nature through alchemy, transmutation, meditation, herbalism, intuitive development and plant communication.

This is offered as a course or as individual sessions. 

A reading list will be provided.

Email for more information.


Each session offers suggestions towards creating a more Wholistic and balanced lifestyle. 


We do not claim to heal, treat, diagnose or prescribe in any way.

Coaching is not a replacement for Medical Care. 


Please use caution when working with any herbs and ask your

Doctor if you have concerns or questions regarding contraindications.


We do not prescribe herbal remedies or products and ask that you use all wholistic interventions with care.

What you decide to do with the information shared is a personal choice.


Confidentiality forms, client intake forms and waivers are required for each session.


Please dial 911 or seek medical attention through a licensed Health

provider if you are in need of immediate care.

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