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This Practical Magic Oil is reminiscent of Alice Hoffman's visions and book.


Infused with Lemon Verbena, Chocolate, Vanilla, Mugwort and Tiger's Eye, this oil will ignite the senses and have you spell casting in no time! 


Fresh from the garden, this oil is soaked in Lavender seeds, has notes of Orange and Musk with a hint of Patchouli. The base notes are coffee, vanilla and chocolate to offer a warming feeling, but you will be pleasantly surprised as the undercurrents of Lemon Verbena and sweet Julep (Mint) open the inner senses and call you home to your magic. 


This oil is excellent for Full and New Moon Rituals, Bath Soaks, Aromatherapy, Anointing Sacred Tools, Scrying and for Eclipse Season. Use often and with caution if you are on your broomstick! It might just awaken your own inner Witch. 


4 oz. 



All organic ingredients. Not to be ingested. Keep away from eyes and and any open cuts. Discontinue use if irritation occurs. 


This oil is made in small batches. If you would like a larger order, please email


Shipping and tax included - USA only.


Practical Magic Oil

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