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This oil is inspired by the Deborah Harkness series "A Discovery of Witches". This is the first oil in the collection, made for the character of Diana Bishop. It is infused with Weaver magic! Made to capture Diana's spirit when she invoked the Tree of Life!


This oil is loaded with protective elements such as sage, mint, verbena, lime, jasmine, patchouli, emerald stones, rosemary, a kiss of strawberry and more! 


It's enchanting, powerful and truly protective for your energy when worn. It's a beauty! 


Wear as a perfume, use as an anointing oil or in the bath. Also great as a massage oil or when doing magikal work. 


Not to be ingested. Keep out of direct sunlight. Shake well before use. 

100% organic  


Shipping and tax included. USA shipping only

Discovery of Witches - Diana Bishop Oil

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