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Path of the Rose is returning!

2024 is a year of great change and miracles. It is shifting how we think, practice our spirituality and expand our consciousness.

We have seen an increasing change in modern spirituality, and many are exploring their ancestry, lineages and where they come from. We have seen a trend in modern witchcraft, herbalism and content creators via social media all trying to get their messages across and inspire their viewers/readers with new ideas and connections back to the earth and to one another.

It has been an evolutionary journey as more and more people want to be connected, feel connected and to align with wholesome, meaningful practices and teachings.

In 2020 I launched an online training called Path of the Rose which explored many of the topics above. During Covid, it was important to keep our community together and still offer realistic, artistic, alchemical spiritual teachings that would help each of us feel that we were still living our lives to the fullest and learning about who we are along the way.

It was a life changing experience for me as a teacher and guide. I spent three years researching, learning, unlearning and striving to teach the materials that I wanted to teach. The work kept growing and evolving and it was poetically beautiful to see all the women who invested in this training to learn about who they were becoming. Those are years that I will never forget.

Path of the Rose is just that, it is a PATH. Some may say it's a labyrinth.

To me it is a soulful journey that continues to open new doors of inner wisdom, clairvoyance, intuition and intellect. It is a conscious guide that reminds us to feel joy and to LIVE this wild ride of life to its fullest.


I did not teach Path of the Rose last year. It was instead a time to integrate the teachings in a deeper way and shift some of the information to support the new energies that are here.

The original teachings focused largely on Mary Magdalene and the Sacred Rose Lineage. The new teachings focus on the light within you and your purpose here, along with a study of Celtic, Norse and Pagan folkloric teachings and the GOD within you. The new teachings align you with your own cellular journey and offers you the keys to unlock the path into the teachings of the Rose. The rose being one of the most sacred flowers on this earth, encouraging you to learn about the New Earth that is here, to understand mystical teachings and to explore herbalism, homesteading, foraging, gardens, plant communication, your connection to the animal kingdoms and to real, authentic magic.

I refer to magic as a natural state that is available to each of us internally. This course teaches you your own potential to manifest, create change and to become awakened to dormant energy within your own body, mind and spirit. This is alchemy.

This course is like no other. It allows you to tend to the sacred within and to heal through the power of plant medicine, lineage and walking a path that is unique to you, with your own voice at the forefront.

If you are looking for something different, eclectic and inspiring that incorporates art, apothecary, herbalism, candle work, magic, history, stories and more, then this may be for you. This year I am teaching Path of the Rose again. I am overjoyed to be back.

This certification course will be offered 1:1 online or as a weeklong retreat if you have a group that would be interested. I will offer this as a retreat locally in Massachusetts or as a destination retreat.

As the Age of Aquarius approaches, we are changing rapidly. The new age is asking us to connect to the new codes of the earth and to strengthen our minds to practice in ways that are aligned with the ancients, modern teachings and shamanic principles. We are leaving much behind to rewrite the path.

There is much work to do.

Let us walk this path together. You will be so happy you made this choice!

Please submit interest to and a consultation will be scheduled, and an application form sent along with course details and outline for study.

The course takes six months to complete. Classes begin this April.


Danielle (Elora Rose)

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