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Wellness is an inside job.

Wellness and healing are an inside job. Often times it’s a difficult path to navigate as environment, chemicals, food sensitivities and genetics play into discovering the optimal ways to heal.

Other times there can be more complex factors such as trauma, stress and viruses that create long lasting conditions.

One of the best ways to self-empowered healing is learning to listen to what the body needs. This allows time for self-observation and self-care, all of which are critical to a healing journey.

I've worked with hundreds of clients over the years with varying diagnoses and one of the main points of data that I consistently find in my research is a disconnect to the breath and body.

I have found that most people are unaware of how to breathe properly or are shallow breathing, without body awareness.

I'm not stranger to this. I personally had to learn how to reconnect to my body and breath as a trauma survivor. This took years of practice and many days of inner work to correct my breath. I was breathing reverse for most of my life, which is called Paradoxical Breathing. The day I was able to correct this way of breathing, my life changed forever, for the better.

In addition, I have auto-immune disease which creates a series of events within the body as typically there is malabsorption, resulting in unhealthy gut flora.

The auto-immune condition in my case was caused by a mosquito bite from when I was 14 years old who was carrying a rare virus, called Henoch Schonlein Purpura. This virus caused my veins to burst and I was bleeding from within. My legs, arms and torso turned purple with these huge spots, called purpura.

I missed an entire year of school as a freshman, had to be home schooled and Doctors told me I would never be the same. This means low energy with chronic fatigue, headaches, not being able to take any NSAIDS and a weaker immune system.

Add in celiac disease and Interstitial Cystitis and voila - I was well on my journey to studying, learning and applying ways to heal myself from the inside out. This opened a 15-year career path! All because of a mosquito bite, but I am grateful for this incredible WHOLISTIC lifestyle that I lead.

So, as you can see, I am no stranger to self-healing and what goes into it. The truth is no BODY is the same and everyone heals differently. After years of applied research, these are tools that have yielded results in my practice from a holistic perspective:

-EFT (Tapping) -Hypnosis/NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) -Understanding Consciousness Streams -Movement -Dance, yoga, spin, cardio etc. -Breathwork Practices -Developing an Intuitive process - learning how to eat, sleep and connect to the intelligence of the body -Creating a roadmap to healing through radical acceptance and knowing that you have the power to heal -Meditation (only when not in a trauma response) -Mindfulness (only when not in a trauma response) -Intuitive Eating -Learning about the neuro-divergent brain -Adaptogens for neuro and immune support -Exploring Lineage and Ancestry

Of course, there are countless others, however these tools have worked wonders for me and my clients. As with anything, do your research and co-create with your coach and wellness practitioners.

All of the strategies that I offer incorporates self-empowered healing.

Where are you on your healing journey? If you feel you have tried just about everything, but need something different, then reach out to me. I may just have what you are not alone as we walk the healing journey together.

xo - Danielle

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