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The Wolf Blood Moon.

We are still feeling the effects under this magnitude of lunar eclipse energy.

read on to see more of what to expect....

January 21st. 12:01am EST. Blood on the Moon.

We are purifying and being offered new beginnings this week!

Anger, irritability and aggression may be coming up for you. You may be subconsciously releasing all things that have been drawing from your inner Power. This is powerful recognition. This is important knowledge. This moon is providing us with Akashic Remembrance, which is stored cellular memory within you from the beginning of your Soul's birth.

Our Souls are remembering our ancestors, lineages and Soul Contracts. We bow in honor to all experiences and family ties as we release those parts that limit our identities. We are standing as one and untangling ourselves from any part of ourselves that has restricted us from being ONE identity. Anything that has taken from or subtracted from our worth and Divinity is rising up in our cells, presenting itself through cellular memory. We are reprogramming our chakras and our energy fields.

Women have been experiencing many changes in their moon cycles as the WOMB is being healed through our ancestral lineage. Intense Periods and dreams of the lower chakras are the theme. Rape, incest and other acts of injustice are being healed within the Body Temple. Be aware of this for your daughters and Feminine tribe. Allow this to be a sacred time of healing. Men are also experiencing unexplained pains in the body, traumas being revealed and a deeper connection to self-worth and to their emotional side. Deeper cellular healing is being awakened within them. All Gender, please be aware of old Archetypal roles coming back onto the scene.

This is the time to be fully awakened and aware of old consciousness patterns re-emerging. Co-dependent structures can be no more.

Our throat Chakra is being reworked to support the energy that is coming. We are finding our voices and standing up for our TRUTH. This moon will change Politics and our World forever. Our voices will make the difference to support a New World, which is incredibly necessary. Much change is coming. Let us raise our voices together to be the Leaders of these new times. The eclipse energy beckons us to rise as high as we are able into our TRUE Spiritual Identity. We are able to access the higher realms within us as long as we release the MIND from its false agenda’s. This is a time to maneuver back into the heart and to operate here and only here. This is the true consciousness. The world needs us. All of us.

This weekend, please spend time looking within. Be truthful with yourself. Are you valuing and loving yourself? Where are you operating from? Is it from a place of fear? Or is it love? The less we fear, the safer we become. When we don’t feel safe, we are feeding that place of duality. Fear does not exist within us unless we allow it to. You may want to scream your stories from the rooftops this month. That is the irritability you are feeling…wanting to release and let go of all that has brought pain and suffering. Write it down, scream if you must, hit a pillow, run, jog, let it go in the safest way possible without re-attaching to it. It no longer needs to be worn. It’s time to shed our old stories and write a new one.

With Love, Danielle Federico

New Beginnings Are Upon Us.

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