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Smashing the Patriarchy as Yin + Yang Returns + Full Moon Vibes

This weeks powerful full Strawberry Moon in Capricorn on June 21st comes along with Summer Solstice, igniting watery and emotional Cancer season and is bringing a return of balanced energies!

This past weekend packed a lot of supercharged vibration as the ancestors worked on overdrive to release and re-align the feminine and masculine, preparing us for July and August.

You may have felt the pulsing energies, along with restless sleep and fitful nights.

We are now in the stew and it is being churned, cooked and seasoned. This upcoming Capricorn moon will be on the heels of another Cap moon on July 21st in Saturn. The difference between the two? Saturn in July is retrograde! This means that any chaotic energy you may already be feeling is going to intensify.

What do we do? We get ready and prepared. Utilize this time (especially good for water signs; Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio) as Mercury and Venus enter the sign of Cancer today through July 11th.

This is the time to get clear, organized and set up for success. What you choose to do now will yield great results for July. If you have a project you need to launch, launch it now. If you are creatively focused, stay focused and prioritize your schedule to get as much done as you can by July 11th.

Then we go deeper. July's full moon will be pushing us even further into balance, making moves for us even if we aren't fully feeling ready. The reason? It all aligns with the incoming Age of Aquarius this November/December.

The crumbling of the old systems and smashing of the Patriarchy has begun long ago, however we are in the rumbles and quakes of it right now, feeling the ripple effect it is creating throughout the globe. Belief systems, organizations, politics, global warming, racism, violence, war - all of it is heavy as collectively we try to come into a higher balance. This means physical pains are on the rise as the body detoxifies and the mind may seem foggy and out of focus.

Spiritually, we are in a major transition. The inner mansions of the soul are cleaning house! Perhaps you feel uninterested in things that you used to once love. Maybe you feel old practices shifting and no long aligning. Or you notice you want to start everything over and begin again? This year asks us to be very mindful and careful of where we are placing our energies and thoughts. We are unlearning the old structures, traditions and teachings that keep us stuck in the old vibrations. EVERYTHING is up for review.

We are being asked to write the new codes of incoming energy. What has changed? What is changing? How do we find our modern voices (aka, the purpose of The Modern Spiritualist). How do we, as a humanity usher in these new timelines?

The answer? Unity, alignment, harmony, getting very clear with intentions and vibrations that are synchronistic. Learning to let go of what is outdated, cleaning out the cobwebs of the mind, body and spirit. This often means a shift in relationships, family dynamics, career paths, etc. It also means TRUTH. What is truth and what is illusion?

We weed through the tall grass to find a meadow.

This week I am launching a writing series that sheds light on all that we are tearing down, building and restructuring for ourselves and the collective consciousness.

This mini writing series begins this Thursday, June 20th just in time for Summer Solstice.

It is to prepare us for the Age of Aquarius as the Piscean Age/timeline moves us into the next two thousand year cycle. Is the Age of Aquarius happening this year? Some say yes, some say no, but many believe that this year we are in movement from Pisces to Aquarius, thus bringing us closer to a higher structure for humanity.

Either way, we have work to do to alchemize much of the past and to re-work and create the vibration and visions OF NOW.

If you are considering this writing series, secure your spot before registration closes at 5:00 p.m. tomorrow (June 18th)! It will be a powerful series!

Summer Solstice is my favorite time of year. It is also my season and my birthday. I will be turning 45 this year and after 17 years of spiritual devotion to The Modern Spiritualist, I can honestly say that I have never been more consciously aware of what a Spiritual path means to me. It has been nearly two decades of teaching, writing, traveling, owning brick and mortars and an evolution of students, clients and business partnerships. What an incredible journey, albeit filled with many twists, turns, healing, releasing, letting go of thoughts, ideas and breaking down systems!

That is the true path of Conscious Living and what magic and alchemy means. It is the mission behind The Modern Spiritualist.

There is much to do, create and experience as we heal subconscious programming and color our ideas and thoughts with a whole new palette. It starts now.

This Solstice, I will be setting my table with yellow and white candles, fresh rosemary sprigs, thyme, lavender, strawberries, mangos, apricots, citrus fruits, lemon tartes, tiger's eye, citrine and setting an intentional fire to honor the sun.

This time is also known as Litha in the Wheel of the Year and represents the Green Man and Oak King, decorating altars with elderflowers for the Mother Goddess as the wheel spins and turns. What a beautiful time to be alive and in the graces of mother nature for Midsummer! I have just completed new batches of Green Man Renewal oil and this is a potent blend to guide you through all of summer (especially the 8/8 Lion's Gate). You may also like Banishing oil, which is a personal favorite and helps clear the aura and bring alignment for fresh energy and is something I use almost daily. Sacred Oils are a gift of alchemy!

I am wishing you a magical full moon week, Solstice and Mid-Summer. For those participating in this weeks writing series, I look forward to being your guide over the next four sessions.

Let's continue to water our gardens together and spread magic everywhere we go!

In Consciousness,

Danielle Federico

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