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Once in a blue moon...a buddha appears

How has everyone been feeling with the Full Moon in Scorpio arriving tonight at 9:11pm EST? What a week it has been individually and for the Collective. Many ups and downs, heaviness and also great magic. Let's focus on the greatness that is being illuminated and the opportunities being gifted to stand up, speak up and RISE UP!

Many of the Women that I am working with, myself included, have been feeling a very full pressure in our bellies, swelling in our breasts and lots of fertility in our bodies.

A warning of caution to those who are not intending on becoming pregnant!

This is a time of ripeness for many. We are truly rebirthing into the GODDESS DIVINE that we are. Through this comes a deep surrender into ourselves. I have wanted to do nothing but retreat and spend time internally with my thoughts and nurture myself.

The energy reminds me of a cat that needs extra time to stretch, yawn, cleanse and bathe her fur…removing all dust and particles of the past.

These times are asking us to question everything and through the questioning find peace and solace in our knowing. We already know the answers to our questions and on May 19th, we experience the SEEKERS MOON. The build up to this embodied cycle is NOW.

This is the moon that reveals WHO you are to your own self, even if it’s just a peek inside. Have no fear to look within that door! When we seek, we blossom. We seek to improve, find clarity and to be free.

Freedom is the purpose of Seeking.

What is it that you need to be free from? What stories are you letting go of?

This BLUE MOON is about liberation and enlightenment. It is also known as the Wesak or Buddha Moon which each year always brings great wisdom, truth and prosperity. It is the seer of all things and the light that shines in our eyes. We are all being enlightened to something greater, whether or not that is letting go of fear, embracing love or diving deeper into our INNER well of WISDOM. For the WISE One is the BUDDHA. The one who can, without apology, stay quiet through the eye of a storm or be still when others are in turmoil. This the Masters path. We are creating the Master within. What is a Master? A Master is someone who does not need recognition for who they are but can walk through the greatest illusions of time and break down those thoughts into empowered visions and utilize them for GOOD. A Master is someone who knows that this life is about learning how to walk towards a place of greatness without making claims to it. This month of May is a powerful Teacher. Approach the Teacher with humility, love and adoration and you too will find the magic that I am talking about. Let the light shine. It is here for you to discover.

-Danielle Federico

*Email or message me for details on how to receive your own Intuitive Guidance Session.

These sessions are empowering and full of guidance for life discovery and fulfillment.

I am booking for June/July!

In Love, Harmony, Peace & Joy....

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