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Gemini New Moon

Updated: Jul 11, 2019

There is a magnificent Stargate Portal open this month illuminating all things around us. We are seeing Divine Truth in everything. It is through these incredible opportunities of clarity that we see exactly what is before us. Divine love radiates through you if you allow it. We all have the capacity to love freely but so many of us block this vessel of love from entering our hearts. People from all over the world are Awakening to a special and unique place within themselves. There are so many questions arising. "Who am I"? "What is my purpose"? "What do I do from here"? "Who do I choose to spend my time with"?

Life is what we make it to be and often times it will offer us what we could have never expected. That is what makes being alive our greatest Teacher. We honor and respect what it has to offer and we revel in the Angelic magic when it appears. (Look for the beautiful lights in the attached picture - Divine Magic)!

Déjà vu, dreams and visions are taking place on a heightened scale. People are finding love in places that they couldn’t have imagined before, especially within themselves (most importantly). How we love is also changing. We are rewriting time.

Possibilities for new beginnings and new opportunities are endless this month. How we measure our values and how we spend our time here on this Earth are shifting. People are taking it more seriously now than ever before. There is no time to waste. Let us spend it well and with good company.

We are beginning to see the true preciousness and privilege of what it means to be alive on this Earth. We have much to be thankful for and each of us has a part to contribute. The first thing to do is to tidy up any negativity that surrounds you. Whether this is a person, place or thing…such as media, lackluster lovers, broken relationships, toxic friendships or even an overwhelming home environment. We are being presented with rare opportunities from the DIVINE that are MOVING us to internal freedom and it starts with you. Right now. Today. The SHIFT is happening. Claim your new self!

The clarity of mind that is being offered is yours for the taking. Sit back and see what is right in front of you. Let go of fear and be courageous to look at your TRUTH. See clearly into the situation/problem/block and instead choose to rewrite your story. Let go of the blocks and the mental conditioning that you are feeling stuck or trapped within. You can do this just through your own free will! We heal the idea that we CAN’T, when we CAN. We limit ourselves through our belief structures or within our constraints of what Society expects of us. NO more. Let go of the idea that what others think of you, matters. It does not. What matters now is that you have the ability to heal all suffering within you and around you- even if it feels scary of vulnerable.

This Gemini energy offers us freedom, liberation and an opportunity to dance with our inner conflict and to love and accept that conflict within us even exists. Honor that within you and choose to shift your thoughts. How can you resolve that nagging voice within that says “you can’t” or “I’m not enough” or “I’m not deserving of love”? Whatever that inner voice is sharing with you, know that you and only you has the power to reclaim your best life and start living as freely and authentically as you are able. This moon is rocking my world in a grand way as I see visions of new possibilities and opportunities that I didn’t see before…once we open our eyes to new thoughts, it’s amazing what you might experience! The Universe always has a plan and this month, it’s all being put into motion. Be cautious of where you are placing your energy, however. Be responsible for yourself and your thoughts. Through our empowerment, we still apply boundaries and mindfulness. We are cleaning through judgements and releasing old angers and hurts and there is freedom in this. It may seem like a lot to handle this month, but you’ve got this! Let this amazing time rock your world too and just wait to see what it uncovers. I’m betting on some incredible surprises.

With love Elora Rose (Danielle Federico) Xo

photo credit: Darielle Rose

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