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Full Wesak (Buddha) Moon in Sagittarius

This Wesak Buddha Flower Moon in the sign of Sagittarius is offering a bounty of change, growth and positive direction. After months of intense energies, solar flares and eclipses, we are finally coming through the other side. It truly has been a rollercoaster of emotions, mental challenges and physical discomfort.

Now we enter a softer time, filled with reflection and a return back to feeling like ourselves again! We fill up with inner guidance, light and a knowing that the past is breaking free.

With Gemini Season also upon us, this energy invites a flurry of creativity, new adventures and fresh ideas.

Utilize this time before Mid-Summer and Solstice next month to weave thoughts into action! Gemini is the element of Air, so if you feel flighty, ungrounded and indecisive, embrace this time to become more childlike, playful and in-tune with your intuition. This season helps us connect more to our spiritual gifts and youthfulness.

June launches us into a time of lush gardens, scents of roses and geraniums, the beating wings of dragonflies, monarch butterflies and songs of crickets and frogs singing. It is a time where we reset our circadian rhythms just so. For just a fleeting moment, we are offered a guiding hand from nature herself, whispering to our inner child to remember the joys of summer, the taste of bittersweet popsicles, the sounds of ice cream trucks, lemonade stands, late nights laying beneath the stars and going barefoot any chance we get.

The warmth of summer drapes her blankety fabric over our shoulders and we sigh with her breath at the invitation to let all our worries go. It is a magical time.

Summer is too quick to pass us by here in New England and every free moment should be spent outdoors, talking with neighbors, sitting around campfires, mushing melted chocolate between marshmallows, wiping sticky hands, building forts and rolling down hills. For so many, it is a forgotten time. Sadly, this is not only for adults but for the children now too.

The full moon in Sagittarius is about freedom and reminds us that we are able to heal and find our identity in nature again. This moon gifts us a glimmer into the future, it teaches us where our paths have perhaps guided us away from ourselves and now is the time to fill up again with renewed purpose and a promise for a bright future.

This begins with a relationship to self. It is a time to choose what is right for you, individually, to restructure routines, to see possibilities that weren't there before.

These next three months beckon us to be in a space of depth and to see our time on this earth as time well spent. It is a time to nurture that inner child, to hold him or her close and to lean into our own voices and higher consciousness.

If you are traveling this summer, ask yourself why you are being guided to the location you are visiting. What is there that speaks to you? Is it right for you? What do you have to learn from that space? What preparations will you need for your journey to be fulfilling and revealing from a soulful place?

Embrace all that is unfolding. Forgive yourself. Become one with the magic that is stirring within. This is a time of remembering who you are. This is the time for fear, anger, guilt, shame and resistance to dissolve and illuminate its purpose. Lean deeper into the energies of the moon, earth and planets. What are they trying to tell you? How do they make you feel? The less resistance, the more assistance you receive from your own spirit.

We are in a pinnacle turning point to be the guides and teachers for timeless traditions, handing down stories and remembering that we are human and connected to one another.

By learning to live a life that is conscious, aware and evolving is a life that will give back again and again. Let go of the past as much as you able. Step into the present each day by letting go of burdens, people, places and things that keep you trapped and in karmic cycles.

My office has been busy as of late with a flurry of requests for hypnosis sessions, yoga classes, breathwork, meditation, intuitive guidance and mostly reframing ideas and strengthening faith based practices. It has been a powerful time as a Conscious Coach to see the growth and dedication to the healing arts and wellness practices. After 17 years of Coaching, it has been so encouraging to see the evolution of the holistic and alternative coaching industry to be accepted as more mainstream services.

We all have the ability to see beyond the illusions and life cycles that have taught us that we have to be one way or to live one way. Healing should be out-of-the-box and is not a one-size-fits-all model. We are blessed to live in a world where both western and holistic practices, medicine, elevated consciousness and energy teachings exist.

Luckily, many structures of linear thinking are breaking and there is a new wave of consciousness directing us to open our hearts and live according to our own intuitive direction, passion and creativity, thus breaking the rules and reclaiming our stolen time.

Here at TMS, there are always inspiring conversations, new ways of thinking, and a variety of conscious coaching services such as conscious career coaching, life coaching, parenthood and motherhood sessions, conscious couples coaching and more.

Path of the Rose is one of the most requested courses as students choose private mentoring to learn about the ways of herbs, planting gardens, building home apothecaries, connecting to the alchemy of plants and to learning about the energies of the Great Mother. These students are dedicating their time to learn about crafting a lifestyle that is of looking outside of the normal day-to-day, to instead discover a world of mystery, magic and inner trust. The compass of life leads the way!

Each year, I look forward to mentoring those who are called to this work and am always left happily surprised by the results at the end of these courses. The growth, reverence and honor that each student shows up with is awe inspiring and keeps me teaching year after year. For those who have graduated from Path of the Rose, thank you for your dedication to a path that is unique and sacred.

As the days get brighter, warmer and the sun shines down upon us, ask yourself what it is that you are breaking free from? What is it that you are seeking from life, from yourself, from the gardens that you grow?

There are always roads that lead you home to your truest self. They are rarely straight, but instead spiraling and uncertain. Perhaps you are being called to something different, magical too, but haven't yet to discover it, but it's calling you.

Read as much as you can, research alternative practices, be aware of the new age teachings, unlearn to learn, question everything and search within yourself for something that is real, accessible and inspiring. This moon encourages each of us to write the next chapter in the story of our own life.

It begins with you.


-Danielle Federico

Classes for Path of the Rose are on-going. Be sure to click on the drop down in the menu to learn more.

Danielle Federico is accepting new clients for hypnosis, yoga, career coaching and intuitive guidance. Email to schedule a complimentary consultation and learn more about her services and offerings.

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