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What a powerful full moon we've just experienced! How has everyone been feeling?

I was away in New York City last week with my sister leading a full moon workshop on the day of the wolf moon! It was so incredible but also very intense. Everyone was talking about their energetic symptoms, life changes and challenges that have come up so far for 2024.

I too have had my fair share of challenges and haven't been able to give the attention to our community as I normally do! I've missed you all!

In December, I found out that my mother has terminal cancer, and it was a shock for my family. We had so much to focus on, making sure she was getting the care and attention she needed. It was a very difficult holiday and the New Year started off with multiple doctor's appointments and heartache. My own health was greatly affected, and I came down with a cold and a terrible flu, which made everything that much harder.

What a push it was to get to NYC to lead the first workshop of the year, and align with the new energies, all the while working on health and balance. I almost wasn't able to be there, but with lots of determination the path cleared. There were many miracles to make it all happen!

I opened the workshop with a deep breath, endless gratitude and the topic of Courage and Faith.

Sometimes we need to dig deep into the wells of our own minds and body to find the courage to show up, especially when we are tired, depleted and feeling out of sorts.

Faith leads the way and strength follows so that we may find our footing when walking through the most vulnerable of times.

My work has been evolving so much over the years, and this too was discussed in class. Spiritual beliefs continue to shift and it leads us back to the idea of being limitless. What does it mean to be limitless? To be so aligned with the light within you?

How does this way of consciousness change your path and open you to new possibilities? How does belief and faith correlate? This was the discussion, and it was an important one!

The world is changing right before our eyes, and many are feeling less and less connected to a spiritual path.

Everything has been up for review! I asked the class to raise their hands if they felt lost in their practices and EVERYONE raised their hand. EVERYONE!

What feedback as all eyes scanned the room and saw that they were not alone. We are being asked to leave so much behind as we unlearn to learn.

There is a new trajectory to explore, and this all leads you back to your true self, your true nature, rebuilding a foundation that is yours and yours alone.

This is what I am focusing on. How can we shift our consciousness to rediscover an authentic connection back to self? What does it mean for those who have spiritual businesses or are teachers?

This is the new earth being built and there is so much to rewrite and re-discover. The journey is just beginning. Energetically this year will be one of the most important years we have yet to experience and how we share, lift each other up and communicate WILL BE the shift.

There are two paths here – one that is gifting you the vision to see everything differently, or the path that keeps you in the loop of old patterns, traps, trickster energy and patriarchy.

Now is the time to look at your Spiritual lifestyle with renewed energy, vitality and a fresh take on your journey. What do you need to dissolve and leave behind? What are you holding onto that isn’t serving? What needs to be balanced to bring new light to the table? What is your faith and how is that shifting your beliefs?

Sometimes, it’s not that clear when you yourself are the one looking within. I am here to help you see your own limitless path and to dissolve what may no longer be serving.

You are not alone during these turbulent times! There is so much to explore and a whole new world of joy and beauty awaits.

The energies continue to intensify throughout the month, deeply clearing out all that is no longer serving. Now is the time to release and surrender to the new you. Rest when you can and stay connected to the path of awareness. The more conscious we all stay (being in the present) the rest will guide us through.

Join me for a Limitless Light Series! This will consist of four, 60 minute 1:1 sessions that you choose the date and time to align you with your new self and conscious living.

Let's build this new earth together.



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