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April is "Practical Magic" Month

The month of April will kickstart a Practical Magic themed month here at The Modern Spiritualist. I am overjoyed to be honoring all things magical.

I must have an old soul, because things that are mysterious, otherworldly, mystical and enchanting just soothe my spirit.

If you haven't heard, and you too are a Practical Magic fan, it has been announced that there will be a second movie in the making, with the original cast, debuting in 2025.

I am celebrating all things Alice Hoffman and Practical Magic.

If you know me, you know it is my absolute favorite movie and I have loved it since my 18th birthday, when I treated myself to see it at the theatre - the year it came out. (eek)! I remember having a tiger's eye necklace made for myself as a gift for my trip around the sun. It was the first real spark that awakened me to my purpose as an herbalist and witchy woman.

To kickstart April's theme, I am offering a mini-series for one of my favorite classes, The Wild Rose Journey (previously known as Path of the Rose). This is a wildly enchanting series as you explore the world of plant medicine, tincture making, botanicals, herbs, setting up a magical home and well, maybe a little bit of love spells and lavender planted at your garden gate!

This is an 8 session series that is 1-1 with me. I know group study isn't always the right option for some, so this private mentoring is here to support your own solitary journey!

We meet twice a month for four months to get you ready for the upcoming seasons. (If we need more time, we can talk about extending the frequency of when we meet).

So let's dust off our shelves, gather our books, make some flapjack syrup, snuggle a black cat or two, and join together to make this year the most magical year yet! And yes, you can have brownies for breakfast and mugwort to heal all bumps and bruises.

This link will take you to the series package and this one will provide more details for a group offering, if you prefer studying with a group

Email me with questions and to schedule a connection call

Let's make magic!



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