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November 22nd, 23rd and 24th, 2019

This 1st level, 3-Day course, offered by

Modern Spiritualist Founder, Danielle Federico (Elora Rose)

is promising to be full of wisdom, self-love, healing and exploration of your

Higher Self and Life Purpose!

You will learn and practice accessible, gentle, Spiritual tools that will guide you home to YOU.

This is a course to Awaken the courageous, most authentic parts of you and to release inner conflict or self-doubt that may be blocking or preventing you from feeling freedom within.

Danielle is offering her Self-Healing, Level 1 Modality, Elora Method© as a part of this

3-day weekend that will have you feeling energized, nurtured and on the path to self-empowered healing.

You will receive attunements to the energy of this Modality as well as a certificate for level 1 of Elora Method©, a Cellular Self-Healing Course for the Empowered Practitioner!

The techniques and lessons are sure to be groundbreaking, powerful and full of Intuitive expansion as most of this training is original work and never seen before!

This is the first out of 3 Modules, and Level 1 is recommended for those who are looking to further AWAKEN their Spiritual practices.

We will discuss Karma, Family Lineage, Soul Destiny, Nutrition, Manifestation, Overall Life Balance, Yoga, Meditation and the unfolding of a lifelong journey of self-love and living authentically!

This course will outline the basics of Spiritual hygiene and take you through the stages of True Awakening.

As you explore the importance of energy, you will begin to deepen your connection to your

Higher Spiritual Guides.


This is a woman's study and is recommended for anyone in the practice of Healing Arts, Fitness, Yoga and of course for all Spiritual Seekers.


What is Elora Method®?

Elora Method® is a self-empowered healing modality.

It is similar to Reiki in the sense that it attunes and activates your inner healer to higher vibrational healing codes.

Level 1 teaches how to communicate and heal through Cellular Communication and utilizes powerful Meditations, Visualizations and Healing Code to align the Spirit and activate the Higher Self into Empowered, Self-Healing.

This training is for YOU.

This has been developed to support each person into reclaiming their own healing abilities and learning how to speak to their inner consciousness as their own Wisdom becomes the Guide.

This modality has been received by Danielle Federico, also known as Elora Rose.

Elora Rose is a Spiritual name that was gifted to Danielle in 2016 during a meditation.

It was at this time that Danielle was shown the magnitude of this name; which translates in Hebrew to "The Victorious One" or "God is Light."

How important is it to be victorious over our own healing and life, especially in a world where were we are convinced otherwise?


This modality offers Original work and is quite unique as it brings light to questions such as:


Why am I here?

Why have I experienced suffering?

Why do I continue to seek? Where do I go from here?

Why do I or why have I had conflicts with myself and others?

Why have I neglected my True Authentic self?

What is my purpose?

Can I really heal myself?

Can I change the way I think about my lifestyle and inner critic?

As you learn about healing the healer and resolving inner conflict, you begin to listen quietly to what the body needs in order to fully let go, heal and integrate into the best version of who you are.

This is the highest form of unconditional love!

During these 3 days, we will offer encouragement, fun, joy and support through every step of this powerful Course!

This is a Certification Course.

Space is limited to 10 Women

Please register directly or schedule a time to speak with Danielle about this inspiring and incredible Training!

We are accepting students for our November weekend which

will be held at Danielle's Private Residence in Methuen, Massachusetts.

(An address will be forwarded upon registration)

$595.00 for all three days

  1. Includes comprehensive manual for both The Awakening, Level 1 and Elora Method Level 1

  2. Two additional workbooks as well as a special gift

  3. Three days of Catered meals (GF-VG-V)

  4. Yoga and Movement 

  5. Elora Method Attunements and Symbols

  6. 21 Day Practice/Guide

  7. Facebook Practice Group with additional support

Register below

level 1 now open for registration

we have designed our certifications into three courses:

the awakening

the integration

the mission

upon completion of the first three courses you will have an opportunity to continue your study through private mentorship with elora rose


teacher training 





November 22nd, 23rd and 24th

Friday  12-6 pm

Saturday  10-6 pm

Sunday  10-6 pm


Level 1 $595.00

DEPOSIT for level 1 is $150.00

Contact us directly for registration

your deposit will secure your spot in the class


*receive a $25 voucher towards your tuition

when you refer a friend that signs up! 


Deposits must be received up to 15 days prior to the course start date to reserve your seat.

We are only accepting 10 students per course

*If you are a current student or an Alumni Student of the

Modern Spiritualist Program

and would like to enroll and/or continue your Higher Education 

Please email Danielle Federico


NO REFUNDS are offered for this course.

If you are unable to attend the scheduled weekend you have purchased, 

you may make up your time in another Immersion weekend at no additional cost. 

We offer these trainings on a regular basis. 

may you find...

peace, prosperity and harmony in all that you do!

Sat Nam (True Identity)

Namaste (I see the light in you, you see the light in me)

Amen (Hebrew, Greek and Arabic)

Shalom (Hebrew for Peace)

Maluhia (Hawaiian for Peace)

Kadoish, Kadoish, Kadoish, Adonai Tsabeyoth (Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God of Hosts)

Pono (To be right with oneself - Hawaiian Prayer)

OM Shanti, Shanti, Shanti, OM (Sanskrit Prayer of Peace)


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