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I visited Glastonbury in January 2020 with a group of Women who forever changed my life. The experiences I had were more than I could have ever imagined. I came home a changed woman and the Spiritual work I have been doing these last 12 years became even more my destiny.

Avalon lit up my heart and planted my feet solidly on this earth. I felt ALIVE. It has stayed with me all these months.


Upon arriving home, my son, who is 10, hugged me and said, "momma, you smell like Heaven. Whatever that smell is, please bottle it up, because I want to smell that forever."


I came home with pockets full of incense and luggage filled with Sacred oils and the scents of Glastonbury. My clothes, hair and skin smelled of something rich, unique and powerful. My son inspired me to recreate what I had experienced there.


I sat in meditation and the ingredients came to me one by one. I wrote them down and got right to work. I researched the mysterious scent of Avalon and found unbelievable legends and myths!


There is a SCENT of Avalon! It is said to be that when you walk through the Abbey in Glastonbury, where King Arthur and Queen Guinevere rest, that there is a swirl of incense and myrrh that moves through these Sacred lands. It has been a long sought after scent.


I've done my best to recreate it here through my own Divine Channels. This is the Scent of Glastonbury. Thank you my dear son, Ashton for inspiring this. You are my muse.


The Scent of Glastonbury is being handmade, one bottle at a time, just for you. It is potent, beautiful and I hope, like it did for me, will transport you to the mystical lands of Avalon every time you wear it. It is charged with the energy of the Glastonbury Thorn and the mysts of Avalon.


Please email for large orders. 

You will receive one 4 oz. bottle and this includes tax and shipping.


The main notes in the oil are Frankincense, Rose and Pine.

This oil may be used as a fragrance, in the bath, as an anointing oil, on candles or in a fragrance burner. Use it under the full moon (or anytime!) to activate your energy and be transported to the mystical lands of Avalon xo 



Scent of Glastonbury Sacred Oil

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