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Children's Chakra Development© (CCD) is a 6 week series that will assist your child in exploring and releasing emotions and energy that appear as commotions in their physical body system.  

Specific guidance and lifelong tools will be offered to gently coach your child into finding alternative and safe ways to process what they are experiencing. When a child can understand how energy directly influences their actions, we can make conscious CHOICES to have more

non-reaction and change our outcomes!  

This course teaches empowerment, state changes for more joyful living and helps provide tools to teach children to express emotions and understand spiritual progression. 

Everything is energy!

Through guided imagery (meditations), breathwork, stories, yogic movements, creative projects (painting, drawing, writing, music and more), your child will learn about energy centers and how to balance and align their wheels of life, known as Chakras. 

You may have been noticing some changes in your child’s behavior as our world shifts and the energetic environment of our Earth asks us to shift along with her. 

You may recognize some of the following symptoms that have been present or are present for your little one(s)  

- sudden anger 
- sadness 
- disorientation 
- stronger sensitivities to touch 
- sound or public places 
- headaches 
- fatigue 
- stress 
- anxiety 
- depression 
- frustration 
- inability to control body (i.e. tic or uncontrollable body movements) 
- headaches 
- dizziness 

- sleeplessness 
- trouble falling asleep 
- night terrors 
- buzzing or ears ringing 
- feeling like the body is disappearing 
- food/taste changes and so much more. 

These are all signs of heightened or perhaps imbalanced energy fields and/or environmental sensitivities.

We are all experiencing them on some level; however the children are much more sensitive  
at this time. 

These symptoms are NORMAL and OK as our world continues to shift around us.  
We also learn to adapt to these changes as best we can, beginning first in the physical body.  
This series will teach your child how to co-exist in harmony with the Earth, exploring some shamanic practices, Yogic teachings, Emotional Freedom Technique or tapping ("EFT"),

sustainable living (recycling/composting), knowledge of plant-based nutrition and healthy eating.  
They will also learn real-life techniques to maintain calmness in stressful situations or environments.  

The children will learn about self-care of energy (energetic hygiene) as well as meditations, mantra and breathing techniques.  
They will work hands-on in class but with a minimum of homework to keep the teachings flowing. We will explain about the importance of planting trees, assisting others (being of service), gratitude, and of course Chakras. Through the guidance of the Divine (who are our greatest teachers), the children will be introduced to angelic guides, spiritual guardians and other supportive spiritual techniques that charge the aura and electromagnetic field, creating Harmonious balance! 

Given the world's current state and the ongoing climate challenges and changes (which affect each of us), wouldn't you agree that you would welcome a course for the children that offers a unique understanding of seeing the world in living color through the eyes of the Angels and the Chakras?  
We certainly did and that is how this course has come to be! 

CCD will be facilitated by Child Play Yoga Instructor, Spiritual Teacher,

Meditation Coach and Modern Spirit Wellness Owner,

Danielle Federico.

We are also developing this course as a training for those interested in facilitating and sharing the teachings!


This series is for ages 5-10
We have 10 seats available for each series.  
We will have 2-3 teachers present to accommodate the class size/structure.  


Minimum of 6 required to hold the Series.

In-take sheets/Children's forms must be completed prior to start date.  

Full payment is due upon registration.

We do offer discounts for siblings…please inquire!  

***This is a drop-off program



April 23rd, 30th

May 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th

Tuesdays 5-6:30pm

Course price is $195.00

*Discounts also available for Girl and Boy Scout Troops, Homeschooling Families and if you are referring a friend!

Please email to inquire.  

Please email with specific questions or to schedule a meet and greet with your child ahead of registering. We provide a safe and quiet space to help your child discover peace and comfort.  

Danielle is skilled and trained as a Children's Yoga Instructor,

Life Coach and Spiritual Teacher.

She works with families, adults and children on a full time basis.  

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