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Welcome to Level 1 - the awakening! 

We are a Higher Consciousness Learning Center offering 

Sacred Lifestyle Teachings

to bring you into your highest and truest self-discovery!

We have TWO training's open for LEVEL I

Please choose the training that works best for your schedule

July 19th, 20th and 21st


September 13th, 14th, 15th

We meet in person at

280 Main Street

North Reading, MA

Unit 101

Friday, Saturday, Sunday Certificate Training

10:00-6:00 p.m. each day

Course price for level I is $695.00

Includes Manual, Books and Sacred Tools along with a Self-Empowered Healing Certification

to Elora Method™®

Each of our facilitators are trained in advanced spiritual study and have years of

Life and Light  knowledge!


We understand that the spiritual path will activate many unanswered questions and that is why we are here! Our team will encourage and inspire as you learn to embody a lifelong Devotion to a higher purpose.


The Learning Center came into origin after a profound healing and ending of a Karmic lifecycle that brought Owner and Spiritual Director, Danielle Federico into a higher alignment with her soul mission as a Multi-Dimensional/Quantum,

 New Earth Teacher of the Modern Mysteries

Out of the layers of Awakening and Spiritual Growth, Danielle is able to draw from a well of wisdom and knowledge to share these teachings and principles. 

A personal message from Danielle;

"It is my utmost hope and wish that this training fills the spaces and places within you that is needing to be heard, seen, loved and appreciated as you continue to walk a sacred and Divine Path of Self-Love, Self-Harmony and Service.  


The Sacred Spiritual Path is not for the faint of heart as this aligns you with all that is TRUE.

Truth is not always easy to accept, yet the wisdom that TRUTH will ignite will grant YOU access into the deepest strands of your  Cellular DNA and Divine Light codes that brings you a greater advantage of sacred union and ONEness with the Creator and the building of our New Earth.

The discovery of TRUTH is through the guidance of Cosmic GOD Consciousness. I encourage and promote these Sacred Lifestyle Teachings to all who are ready, so that they are able to align with their inner TRUTH and Sovereign WISDOM. 

I ask that we all encompass the "I AM THAT I AM" and harness the Christ Consciousness of the New World which is being created, right here and right now!

This my friends begins with YOU. 

This Center, these Teachings, these tools, are all for YOU."

In Harmony and in Light,

Danielle Federico (Elora Rose)

Owner/Founder/Director/Lead Teacher

The Modern Spiritualist and the Sacred Lifestyle Teachings

and all of the Teachers at Modern Spirit Wellness



Our first day will gently guide you into personal self-discovery and offer teachings for reclaiming a powerful spiritual pathway. Some of what we will explore are the stages & layers of Spiritual Awakening, learning to live in the Aquarian Age, intro the 5D, building your Container of Light, Mind, Movement and Meditation, Setting and holding Sacred Space​, working with Sacred Tools and building a Sacred space at home for continued practice

Buddha Statue


Day two guides us into learning a Self-Healing Modality, created by Owner and Lead Facilitator, Danielle Federico, called The Elora Method. Through this practice you will discover Cellular Healing, Cellular Conversations and receive an attunement to a Sacred Symbol that Danielle received through an Angelic Channel. This includes a manual and a certificate for the Elora Method Training. We will also explore Sound Bath, Mantra, Angelic and Spiritual Guardians, Crystals and the New Earth Energies.

We are focused on our commitment to assisting you into your Spiritual Evolution and Revolution!

Together, we bring forth a

New Earth! 

Healthy Diet


Day three attunes you to the Blue Ray and the Divine Feminine energies, while providing Intuitive Development Tools, incorporating Holistic Wellness, Tinctures, Herbs and Nutrition, which will support a cleansed Physical, Emotional, Spiritual and Mental body system. 

 You'll learn about Koshas, Chakras, Auric and

 Self-Healing, as well as Guided Meditations to the Angelic Realms and to Light Code Transmissions from the Divine Mother.

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