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Wedding Rings and Bridal Crown


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Your Wedding is a Sacred day of magic and promise between two souls, joining a life together.

This is a day where words weave a timeline of abundance, love and devotion.

Working with Danielle as your Officiant will be a beautiful

co-creation to bring your vows, vision and Sacred partnership to a timeless space of unconditional love.

This is a non-denominational service and Danielle will work with you in designing your perfect Sacred Wedding. Danielle offers her Services throughout the United States and is Ordained through the “Sanctuary of the Beloved,”

an Incorporated,

Non-Denominational Church in New York State and in the

United States.

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Wild Path


60 minutes - $150.00

90 minutes - $200.00

To book your complimentary 15 minute phone consultation, which is required before booking a 60 0r 90 minute phone session, please Email


Danielle will share Sacred concepts of learning, living and achieving life purpose strategies.

There will be techniques drawn from a vast array of tools, alchemy, living from the Earth, Wilding techniques Spiritual guides and other intrinsic inspirations for authentic living.

Each session will assist you on your Spiritual life path.

In these sessions, it is required that the work be done together in order to fully access any blocked energy centers that may be keeping you from moving forward.


Certain areas may be introduced; such as Archetypes, Soul Contracts, Energetic Blockages, Past Life Sensitivity, Consciousness Streams, Soul and Spiritual Awakenings, Hypnosis, Tapping and Sacred Breathwork, Yoga, Spiritual Guides, Limiting Belief Systems and more.


All sessions are confidential and full of loving direction

that will allow for

inner clarity and overall joy!


Danielle is an Intuitive, Divine Feminine channel and has over a decade of teaching experience. She is committed to offering unique lifestyle tools and teachings to assist as many as she can to be living a more harmonious pathway.

Pink Rose


guidance for THE SACRED FEMININE and Sacred Masculine

60 minutes - $150.00

120 minutes - $200.00

So many are awakening to the energy of the Feminine and the Mysteries of the Rose. Both men and women are activating their Sacred elements and bringing balance within to these tender energies.


There is a delicate balance being asked to be restored. These teachings are offered for both men and women as both are needed to walk this path of healing and love in unity.

The Rose path is a call to the Divine within, that encourages learning and living a lifestyle that explores Sacred Feminine Mysteries, Alchemy and Devotion to the Mother Wisdom.

It is a journey of self-discovery and high awakening on a soul level.


Danielle is also known as Elora Rose, which means "All is Light" or “The Victorious One”. Her maiden name is “Rose."

She is a Teacher of the Rose Path and Sacred Mysteries of the Modern Feminine that is awakening worldwide.

If this path speaks to you, then please contact Danielle (Elora) to learn more about these

Sacred Teachings and to understand the Alchemy that flows through the Rose Lineage.


Elora will share her learnings and truths around what she has learned around the New Age world and how it is affecting those who are awakening to a Higher Pathway. A huge shift is upon us. If you are a serious truth seeker or interested in Spiritual Leadership, then the Path of the Rose is a world just waiting to be discovered...

Memorial Candle



60 minutes - $150.00

90 minutes - $200.00

To book your complimentary

15 minute phone consultation, *which is required before booking a 60 or 90 minute phone session, please Email

Discovering your Sacred Lineage is an integral part in getting to know who you are at a Soul level. Many are on the search for Spiritual Authentication and it begins with knowing what your Lineage path is. Lineage is not the same as Ancestry.

Ancestry is where your family line comes from.

Lineage is where your Soul comes from. If you are practicing a Spiritual path, then you may be surprised to learn that some of your practices may not be aligning with your highest Dharma, or Spiritual Pathway.


This is a powerful energy exchange as Danielle will explore the path of the Sacred Lands with you and teach you how to open your inner records to a world of discovery and beauty.

An example of Sacred Lineage is: Rose (Magdalena), Mother, Lemurian, Priestess, Buddhist, Hindi, Sikh, Atlantean, Egyptian, etc.

Dry Tree Trunk

SACRED ROOTS JOURNEY-private mentoring

*monthly payment

options available 

"Sacred Roots Journey" 

A Six Month Exploration

You will love the exploration of this guided 6 month journey. Elora Rose invites you to find your own alchemical dance through a variety of practices, which weave new and old teachings. All are meant to stretch your Soul and to teach you the cycles of the moon, to discover the voice of you own alchemist and to study the healing essence of herbs and teas and green living through Adaptogens. You will learn earth based methods, wheels of the year in Pagan tradition and how the Pentacle and the Rose weave their stories together, as one energy.

There are hands on activities in class, such as candle scrying, candle magic, art journaling, alchemical applications (oil blends, tinctures, homemade incense, art of smudging and working with the energies of the Alabaster Jar as Mary Magdalene did in her time. You walk the path as a Sister of the Rose Lineage and find your way to your own Sovereignty. This is an incredible journey inwards as you learn powerful tools that will open you to all new possibilities.

Through the blend of Eastern and Western teachings, you study the mystical teachings of the Mother (the Rose Lineage and mystical pathways) the energy of now, the many forms of  the Mother and Goddess (in Triple Goddess form), along with lineage teachings of the Rose, Mary Magdalene and a mystical path.


Through guided meditations, music, invocations, prayer and guidance, you will create a space within you that is always flowing with the Divine Alchemy of the Higher Feminine Pathways and unconditional love.

By learning these ways, you create a ripple effect of healing throughout the Universe and your ancestry. These tools are to be shared with all generations. This is a one-on-one mentoring. You will be fully supported throughout the 6 months with a private forum and Sacred tools to assist with your learning.


We meet twice a month for six months.

Please email for an application request.

Moon Gazing


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Celebrate your loved one as they welcome their first moon cycle! 


Danielle will lead/guide a meditation, craft, ceremony and special celebration for you and your guests. You may invite as many as you would like for this online, live celebration. The live zoom is recorded and shared to enjoy time and time again.


A beautiful gift box is shipped right to your door filled with books, products, altar items, alchemy, crafts and more for your young woman to explore and enjoy! You may choose from an afternoon of vision boarding, art journaling, Tea Ceremony, Moon Yoga Flow, Flower Crowns, and more!  

Contact us to plan your perfect afternoon of celebrating the Journey into Womanhood. Packages are priced upon request.