In this session our focus is on healing at a Cellular level.

This does require some work for you to do at home to get you started!

We will send you a Spiritual Preparedness packet to assist you with Quantum Healing.

This will be an easy, at home, to do list.


This is to be completed prior to your session.

All directions will be clearly outlined for you!

 Crystal Healing Therapies may apply as well as Infrared Heat Technology, Muse (brain syncing meditation software), Strobe Light glasses (please let us know if there is sensitivity or you are prone to seizures), Sound Healing and specialized techniques from our own healing modality, Elora Method, which is Self-Empowered Healing.

You will be resting gently on a massage table (with minimal to no touch) and receiving Quantum Light Healing, which is activated Crystalline Light.

Some, not all of the above applications will be utilized.

You will also receive guidance from the Higher realms to support your healing.

Please know that these activation's can begin anywhere from 24-48 hours in advance of your session.

These light transmissions are powerful and beautiful!

You will be guided on how to best prepare and support the process of healing and receiving.

Quantum Healing Private Session

Facilitated by Danielle Federico




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