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This moon box is lovingly pieced together for a special young woman in your life. This is to celebrate her jouney into womanhood after experiencing her Moon cycle. This is a powerful gift for Mother's, Aunts, Sisters, Friends and Care Givers to give as a unique and powerful recognition of an important passage from girl to woman. 


This is also known as a Menarche celebration...let us always celebrate the beauty of our bodies and create a tradition that is timeless and Sacred.


The box includes:


1 handpainted Rose Russian Doll - beautiful for an altar or bureau

1 Moon Oil

1 set of antique scissors and ribbon to celebrate the journey of the moon cycle (comes with instructions for craft project)

I beaded moon tracker necklace

2 elegant glass perfume vials for her Moon Oil

I spindle of thread

1 Moon Mother Daughter Myths and Rituals that Celbrate a Girl's Coming of Age Book


Comes with a full set of instructions, beautifully gift wrapped and ready for your special occassion! 


Only 3 available

Price includes shipping and tax for US residents




Moon Box- A Girls Journey Into Womanhood

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