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Receive a beautiful offering of light encoded gifts, made especially for you by Elora Rose. 


Each Elora Method Protection Bundle comes with a special protection medicine bag, a journal, an Elora Code protection essential oil blend, a sachet filled with activated alchemical herbs and Sacred ingredients for the bath as well as Sacred tools to help you feel empowered and recharged. Each bundle holds powerful energy and are encoded in the Elora Codes of the Rose Pathway.


The protection bundle will assist you in reclaiming your strength and stepping into your Divine Goddess. You will love the reusuable medicine bags and meditations and Divine Guidance that come with each box. Elora lovingly attunes Angelic light and the Rose Energy into each piece, just for you. 


Elora Method Sacred Protection Bundle - Option 1

  • Each box comes prepared just for you. Elora takes great care in making each of the items and offers these items as Sacred tools to add to your self-care, ritual routine and to offer you self-empowerment through your own abilities to rediscover your own beauty and Sacred power!

    Because these are prepared just for you, they are non-refundable. If an item is received as broken or damaged, then a new item will be shipped to you once a picture of the broken item is received, at no additional charge.

    The package price includes a standard shipping rate within the USA. International shipping fees apply.  

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