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Elder Oil holds the wisdom of the ancients and the drumbeat of the Shamans…it invites a wild dance of expression and movement to be awakened in both man and woman.


It is rich, spicy, sweet and activated with the codes of the great Wisdom Keepers. This oil was inspired by the web weavers and story tellers of our ancestors and those who continue to hold the magic and promise of a future filled with truth, light and integrity.


It took several months to collect the ingredients for this oil and then to create the base. All of the ingredients in my oils are gifted to me by Spirit Guides that know just what is needed to support the times we are in. This oil holds the magical alchemy of Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Patchouli, Vanilla, Mandarin, Juniper, Blue Tansy and more…the sultry spice of the base oil include Peruvian bark, Mugwort, Elderberry, Basil, Chamomile, Milk Thistle, Wormwood, Kyanite stones, peppercorns and chili peppers. It is charged with Wise Elder Alchemy and Wisdom Keeper Magic.


It is warm, inviting and when used on the body as an anointing oil, massage oil in the bath or to meditate with, it will invite you to remember the greater Alchemy and Story Teller that is within you.


Use this to anoint your candles or magical tools beneath a full or new moon. Breathe in its delicate dance as the aroma wraps around you like a warm blanket. Be ready to experience the call to something deeper, greater and inspiring. You have been invited to the gathering…listen well. The wise Elder awaits.

Elder Oil - Alchemy of the Wisdom Keepers

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