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This oil honors a Women’s Sacred Womb and the opening of the Divine Lotus.


This oil is for the emerging High Priestess as she discovers her power as Queen. An image of a beautiful woman comes to me. She is naked, head bent towards her belly, her gaze lowered to admire her beautiful body. She is in amazement of the Feminine energy that is there. She breathes in the beauty of her own skin, her belly soft to the touch. She looks closer at her navel, noticing the ways that her body has loved her throughout her lifetime. She takes honor in knowing of what she is capable of. She breathes in her delicate fragrance.


Curating these oils is like a dance, being choreographed for the first time.


I was called to infuse this oil with Olive leaf. Olive leaf holds the energy of Goddess Athena and is deeply symbolic in world mythology and major religions. In the Torah, when a Dove brings an olive branch to Noah, he knows that the global flood has ended. The prophet Muhammed is said to have told his followers to carry olive oil and anoint themselves with it, for it is a blessed tree. Chrism, an anointing oil used in Catholicism is made with oive oil imbued with balsam. The city of Athens, Greece is named after the Goddess Athena who gifted humanity the olive tree, an offering signifying fruitfulness and peace. Today, the Olive leaf symbolizes peace, health and forgiveness. This makes it a wonderful base oil to add to this powerful elixir.


The mystery within this oil is discovered as it is infused with Tamarind, Eucalyptus, Pomegranate, Holy Basil, Amber and Sandalwood, to name a few. It has a smoky, aromatic amber scent. It is encoded with the power of Isis, Thoth, Carnelian, Codes of the Emerald Tablets and Fountain of Youth.


Why Black and Red?

Black represents the unseen, the unknown, the letting go. It is honoring the shadow that is within us all.


Red represents self-love, a women’s monthly cycle and the blood of life that is that of the womb. It offers a Sacred spiral to the inner well of honoring the Sacred Feminine within.


This oil is blessed and charged with the Codes of the Divine Mother and Divine Feminine. It is filled with love, strength and beauty.


4 oz.


To be used on the belly, as an anointing oil, in the bath or on the skin. Not be ingested. Discontinue use if irritation occurs. These are not certified organic products. They are made with love by a licensed Esthetician and infused with Sacred codes.



Sunflower oil, Olive Leaf, Holy Basil, Linden Flower, Dried Orange Peel, Burdock Root, Walnut Shell, Eucalyptus Leaf, Wormwood, Sandalwood, Amber, White Sage Oil, Vetiver Oil, Carnelian, Mala Beads, Codes of Thoth, Isis and The Emerald Tablets. Infused with Fountain of Youth Codes to Initiate Womb Wisdom and Self-love. 


Shake well before each use. 

Black & Red Womb Anointing Oil

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