This is for 1 bottle of Aquarius Elixir of Light Tincture.

1 oz. or 30 ml



Shake well before use.

4-6 drops under tongue 1-2 times a day

Best used on an empty stomach and for meditation practice




Orange, Lemon, Pearl Powder, Anise, Chrysanthemum, Rose, Morning Glory, Red Pansy, Unakite Essence, Lumerian Crystal Essence, Water, Food based Glycerin


This potent Elixir of Light will support the transition into the Age of Aquarius. This is an ingestible tincture that has a taste of orange blossom and lemon. It does not taste flowery, although it is infused with powerful flower essences.

  • Orange is for purification and immunity
  • Lemon is for action and clarity and assists us with bringing our dreams into vision
  • Pearl Powder is an ancient medicine used as an anti-inflammatory, detoxifying agent and is widely used in Chinese medicine. It is said to alleviate depression, anxiety, and sleep disorders as it is high in magnesium. Its Spiritual properties are meant to wake up the mind and help bring about clarity, inner wisdom and help you discover your “true self”. It is for self-love and helps to heal the negative inner voice. Pearl relieves uneasiness, nervousness, anxiety, and tension.
  • Anise helps clear the chakras, especially the star chakra above the crown, aligning you with your higher self
  • Chrysanthemum symbolized health and happiness
  • Rose helps to explore a deeper meaning to life and brings harmony and inner peace
  • Red Pansy strengthens our courage and helps us to share our beauty with the world. It clears negative thoughts and opens the heart chakra. It is known to protect against virus and immune disorders.
  • Unakite Crystal Essence – Unakite is said to be a stone of vision, opening the third eye and used for balancing and grounding so emotions may be seen and healed. It is also used by Crystal healing practitioners to support the immune system.
  • Lumerian Crystal Essence – Lumerian Crystals are record keepers and hold profound knowledge. They offer a sense of Unity and remind us that we are ONE consciousness. The vibration of Lumerian energy is strong and guiding for the Aquarian Age, reminding us our knowledge, wisdom, and power to attain unity consciousness and recognize that we are all equal in spirit.


Note: This product is handmade in a clean/sterilized environment  and sterile bottles. Each batch is made up of 22 bottles. Pre-order is available for larger quantities upon request.

This product is not regulated by the FDA and is a non-certified product. Please discontinue use if allergic response occurs. No returns. Refrigeration not necessary but recommended to prolong shelf life


Expiration: 12/29/2021 on batch made on 12/29/2020


Product includes shipping and tax in USA only and a Lumerian Crystal with purchase. 

Aquarius Elixir of Light Tincture