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Clearing the Energies of 2017

What a powerful week since the Blue Moon graced the skies only days ago. There is a sense of deep, deep clearing that is happening across the Globe. A balancing of your Inner Harmonics (individual sound currents) are taking place, opening the Chakras to higher energies. Our ears are returning to higher frequency as the amount of pressure in the sinuses and ears has been intense. The energies of 2017 are clearing after this full moon. THANK GODDESS FOR THIS! For so many the energies of 2017 were intense and life changing. Loss, destruction, fear, anger, suffering and confusion seemed to be the theme for that year as so many were forced to look within and tear away the masks that they wore, revealing deep truths and insights that otherwise may not have been seen. 2017 was also the year of many twin flames reconnecting or exiting, which caused a tremendous amount of questioning and heartache. The energies came in to sweep away the blankets of illusion and clear our pathways so that each of us could learn how to stand on our own two feet. It was a year of power and strength, even though it may not have felt that way while you were in the eye of the storm. I remember it so vividly, all the deception that had been around personally and collectively began to reveal itself. It was a year of learning discernment, Unconditional Love and letting go. This was the year that many of us “grew” up. It showed us our strengths and all that we could overcome. It was the greatest Teacher for the Golden Age.

The Karmic cycles from 2016-2018 swept the world. It was a grandiose time of overcoming inner suffering, pain and learning to live from the inside. Many fought it tooth and nail and didn’t realize that these three years, while some of the most tumultuous years of our life cycles, were actually the most foundational years for our planet. At this time now, as we finalize the month of May in 2019 the sweeping continues. We prepare for 2020. Anything that has been left unfinished from these three years is now ending. We are reaching a state of completion and clearing the mind of the thoughts and shadows that have been left to dwell in the corners of our inner chambers. We are releasing pressure all around. Our energies may be spinning in a counter-clockwise direction as energy centers or Chakras open and release the remaining energies from this period. Many are experiencing dizziness and a feeling of unbalance. This is to be expected. Practicing a Chakra Meditation will help tremendously to get you re-balanced and aligned. Dancing in the grass…stomping your feet into the earth. Devotional Yoga will be paramount.

Lightworkers are specifically feeling this heavier weight around them. Those that are light holders may be experiencing a frontal lobe unwinding. Those that are awakening or developing their Intuition will be extra vulnerable to the physical sensations. The mind for these last three years reached its limit with how much it could hold onto and just like a top that has been wound too tightly, it begins to lose it’s control. If you are feeling this, I have included a link to assist with the stabilization of the Frontal/Occipital Lobe. Also our Pineal and Pituitary have been quite sensitive. You may have noticed this too. The top of your head being sensitive to touch, your third eye pulsing, Throat Chakras sore and swollen. This is all part of the release that is taking place at the frontal lobe. I recommend right/left nostril breathing…this will immediately reset the brain and bring balance to the hemispheres. If you have questions on any of this, I am here to assist. I will be offering support where I am able. Rest, meditate and be gentle with yourselves. Let go of any fear and face the remaining energies straight on. It will bring great peace and light where it is needed in your Being. All love on this special day. Xo Elora Rose (Danielle Federico)

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