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Auspicious Cancer New Moon and Neptune Retrograde

Today is an auspicious day post Cancer New Moon. We are in the light of the moon, after a shadowy week leading up to the portal.

Embrace the light of the shift as many changes are still anticipated. Neptune moves retrograde today for deep inner healing and soothing of the inner child. Be prepared for a new foundation to be laid and lessons to be learned.

You are aligning with your true path and anything not supportive of your journey will be released, brought to light or re-balanced.

Neptune is the healer of grief, karma and your psychic gifts. Your inner voice will grow louder during this time. Please listen as often you can, work with your higher self and be patient as these times call for internal work and self-love. There is an energetic rebalancing happening. Please take time to allow for this.

Write out your intentions, be clear with your visions and most importantly, make time for peace and contentment. Say no more frequently, ask for new soul groups to present themselves and let's break the grids of the old paradigm. It will take all we have to step into this new earth. xo

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