I am a Business Coach, offering sessions to those who are in start-up or needing guidance at any stage of their professional career. After owning four successful businesses, I draw from 20 years of life experience as an entrepreneur.


 Doctors, Scientists, Inventors, Actors,

Celebrities, Musicians, Start-up businesses and Authors have been happy clients!

I will review your business plan goals, offer strategies for success and help you increase sales, volume and gain more exposure in your industry. 



Available for adults, families and youth

I will share concepts to support:

  • A reduction of stress, anxiety and fear

  • Inspiring life guidance and support

  • Overall health and wellness 

  • Healthy sleep patterns

  • Recommendations for holistic interventions to support a healthy mind/body/spirit

  • Tapping techniques or EFT for stress and anxiety or trauma sensitive recovery

  • Certain areas may be explored such as energetic blockages, limiting beliefs, spiritual symptoms, tapping, breathwork, yoga, nutrition and more

I will create an overall life/wellness goal and plan that is best suited just for you.

All sessions are strictly confidential.

(a signed confidentiality agreement and outline of safeguards is required)


Are you an artist, writer, creator looking for new ideas or in need of inspiration for your project? 

 Through creative writing, art journaling and other ways to inspire you towards your goals, you will find success and excitement in all that you are creating!

As an artist, creator and alternative life and business coach with over a decade of experience, I am committed to offering unique lifestyle tools and guidance to assist as many as I can towards living a more harmonious and inspired life. 



I do not treat, diagnose or claim to heal a person in any way. 

Sessions are meant to inspire, uplift and lead you towards a healthier and more inspired lifestyle.


60 minutes -$150.00 

90 minutes - $200.00

Package pricing is available



in-person sessions are not available at this time

insurance not accepted

sliding scale available in some situations

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