If you are interested in learning the basics of Meditation or are already an advanced practitioner, these private sessions are geared to create, support and

structure a meditative commitment and discipline.

Through applied science of Pranayam (breathing techniques), gazing, postures, sound and prayer,

these sessions are customized for each student.

You will work on activating and creating a meditation practice that aligns

YOU with the DIVINE in YOU!


Some people practice meditation in the early morning hours, called Sadhana.

This is explored and explained as the mornings are the best time to nurture and create a meditative habit. As this is not always convenient for everyone, you will learn how to meditate anytime, anywhere!

Meditation relaxes the mind and body, reduces stress and anxiety, has shown proven results to lower blood pressure, helps with fatigue and sleeplessness and even helps with depression and ADD/ADHD. Meditation for the advanced practitioner will quiet the mind and bring deep peace and understanding to our time here on Earth.


Many avenues may be explored, and you will be guided each step of the way.

We also offer meditation and mindfulness for Children. Please inquire to learn more.


Private Meditation Sessions

75 minutes




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 to book your session!