MODERN SPIRIT Coaching is offered privately to adults, families and children.

Danielle will share concepts to support:

  • A reduction of stress, anxiety and fear

  • Spiritual Guidance and support

  • Overall health and wellness support

  • Healthy sleep patterns

  • Recommendations for holistic interventions to support a healthy mind/body/spirit

  • Tapping techniques or EFT for stress and anxiety or trauma sensitive recovery

  • Intuitive Coaching offers suggestions for immunity strengthening, healthy lifestyle and offers self-empowering techniques to begin living your best life, authentically and powerfully!

Some suggested techniques may offer healing and a shift in your energy field. These tools are drawn from a vast array of holistic tools and applications that have been being offered for nearly 13 years by Danielle Federico in her practice.

Each session will assist you on your life path and living our most authentic, healthy life!


Whether you have experienced or are experiencing trauma, addiction, loss, health challenges, unhealthy patterns or habits, unexplained phenomena (such as spiritual awakening) or just require general guidance, Danielle will select tools from years of applied study and research.


Danielle will interpret how best to guide you, creating an overall life/wellness goal and plan that is best suited just for you. In these sessions, it is asked that the work be done as a team in order to fully access any blocked energy centers that may be preventing you from moving forward.


Certain areas may be introduced; such as Archetypes, Soul Contracts, Energetic Blockages, Past Life Sensitivity, Consciousness Streams, Soul and Spiritual Awakenings, Tapping and Breathwork, Yoga, Limiting Belief Systems and more.


All sessions are strictly confidential (a confidentiality agreement and outline of safeguards is required), non-biased and full of loving direction that will allow for inner clarity and a renewal of energy.


Danielle is an Intuitive, full time Educator and Life Coach with over a decade of teaching experience. She is committed to offering unique lifestyle tools and teachings to assist as many as she can on living a more harmonious pathway. Danielle offers sessions in a self-empowered format and believes in strategic Intuitive Coaching, offering tools to lead each person back to TRUTH and inner strength.



These Coaching sessions are meant to inspire, uplift, support and gently redirect each individual to a more harmonious way of living. 


60 minutes -$150.00 

90 minutes - $200.00


To book your complimentary 15 minute phone consultation, which is required before booking a

60 0r 90 minute phone session, please call 617-462-0720 or email     

 and we will get back to you at our earliest convenience.


IN-PERSON SESSIONS are not available at this time

we do not accept insurance

package or series pricing is available for four or more sessions

Danielle will assist you in finding the right balance for your

Spiritual Coaching and Self-Empowered Healing!