Intuitive Spirit Coaching is a way for both Student and Teacher to connect to a

Higher Consciousness learning level and is offered by Owner and Spiritual Teacher of

The Modern Spiritualist®, Danielle Federico.

Danielle will share sacred concepts of learning, living and achieving life purpose strategies.

There will be techniques of healing and energy drawn from a vast array of sacred tools, spiritual guides (who offer intuitive guidance and harmony to all) and other intrinsic inspirations for healing.

Each session will assist you on your life path.


Whether you have experienced or are experiencing traumas, addictions, loss, health challenges, unhealthy patterns or habits, unexplained phenomena (spiritual awakening) or just require general guidance, Danielle will select tools from years of applied study and research.


Danielle will interpret how best to guide you, creating an overall life/wellness goal and plan that is agreed upon by both the student and teacher. In these sessions, it is required that the work be done together in order to fully access any blocked energy centers that may be keeping you from moving forward.


Certain areas may be introduced; such as Archetypes, Soul Contracts, Energetic Blockages, Past Life Sensitivity, Consciousness Streams, Soul and Spiritual Awakenings, Hypnosis, Tapping and Sacred Breathwork, Yoga, Angelic Guides, Spiritual Guides, Limiting Belief Systems and more.


All sessions are confidential, non-biased and full of loving direction that will allow for inner clarity and overall joy to be reinstated for your “new life direction”.


Danielle is a gifted Intuitive, Yogi and Angelic Channel with over a decade of teaching experience. She is committed to offering unique lifestyle tools and teachings to assist as many as she can on living a more harmonious pathway. Danielle offers sessions in a self-empowered format and believes in strategic Intuitive Coaching, offering sacred tools to lead each person back to TRUTH and inner strength.



These sessions do not include Mediumship or Psychic Readings.

These are Coaching sessions based on Intuitive and Sacred Practices to uplift, support and lovingly redirect each individual to a more harmonious way of living. 


60 minutes -$150.00 

90 minutes - $200.00


To book your complimentary 15 minute phone consultation, which is always placed first before booking a 60 0r 90 minute phone session, please call 978-898-7141 or          

 and we will get back to you at our earliest convenience.



In-person sessions are only advisable after the initial phone session is completed and it has been guided that further assistance is needed. 


Pricing will be discussed via the phone for in-person requests as each Coaching Session is unique to the individual. Some may require more work and support and that will reflect the session or package price.

Danielle will assist you in finding the right balance for your

Spiritual Coaching and Self-Empowered Healing!