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The Modern Spiritualist offers a selection of structured Yoga classes that are designed specifically for each student.

Bundle packages are available and are all offered through Private Yoga Coaching.

The Modern Spiritualist is proud to offer Yoga education through Yoga Alliance and are

E-RYT 200 and YACEP recognized.

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Founded by Lead Trainer, Danielle Federico aka (Elora Rose)

200 hour E-RYT and YACEP

What is MFM?

Modern Freedom Movement© (MFM©) combines music, yogic flow, dance, breathwork, EFT (Body Tapping), Progressive Muscle Relaxation and Soul Mirroring techniques (NLP), encouraging a journey of deep exploration and guidance back to your own authentic self.



As a practice, it offers empowerment and self-authentication back to the individual. It reframes the mind, brings awareness to the body, teaches strength, wisdom, joy, relaxation and provides tools for trauma recovery, if applicable. It offers joy, grace and honors movement through sound, breath and flow. Additionally, it supports Soul exploration and Spiritual self-discovery. 


MFM offers tools to strengthen will power, immunity, mind, body and spirit.


It works within a framework of inner healing, self empowerment and encourages mobility, strength and creativity. This practice will reveal to you all that you are and celebrate the beauty of YOU.

It creates an internal safe space for creative and progressive expressive movement, emotional freedom release (utilizing teachings from Eastern and Western styles).  

MFM© offers you wholeness, self-unity and strengthens your energetic fields.

This practice is like no other.


kundalini YOGA

 Kundalini is considered the “Raj” or “Royal” forms of yoga. Its focus is on self-awareness and deliverers an experience of your highest consciousness. Kundalini yoga is a science of the mind and body which elevates the spirit. Through careful framework and movement, Kundalini offers repetition with postures, mantra and breath. It introduces strengthening postures, also incorporating Hatha Yoga techniques. 

Each class focuses on pranayama (breath), yoga postures, kriyas, sound and meditation to elevate your consciousness and activate your radiant body. 

Kundalini is a powerful practice and is transformational. It is a practice that is truly healing and strengthening for body, mind and spirit.

Please note: Kundalini classes are taught in a non-traditional way and will reflect the changes that KRI and 3HO are implementing. 


kundalini movement supports:

-the heart to increase one’s circulation and to open the heart chakra

- Increases openness and acceptance in relationships

- Brings focus to the kidneys to reduce imbalance and increase one’s willpower

- Helps to greatly reduce life stresses

- improve one’s destiny

- Creates vitality and stamina within the immune and nervous systems

- Helps to bring overall balance and discipline to one’s daily living




and trauma sensitive yoga

These classes offer a more traditional and foundational yoga sequencing for Asana, flow and strengthening pranayama, muscle memory, and offers a complete package for mind/body awareness and health. Many of the poses can be modified to support Trauma recovery and are created specifically as an overall coaching series to meet the student wherever they are in their practices. This a safe, gentle approach to body strengthening, body/mind awareness and to offer yoga as a therapeutic tool back to the individual. Explore flow, movement, mobility offered as a whole body, whole health system. Restorative postures and chair yoga are often woven throughout the practices depending on the outlined structure.



Yoga Nidra, sometimes referred to as ‘yogic sleep,’ is a restorative meditation that guides you into conscious awareness of each part of the body for deep and effortless relaxation.

Yoga Nidra is not about falling asleep. Rather, Yoga Nidra induces a deep state of relaxation and inner awareness. This series does not involve deep stretching of traditional yoga but is instead the art of moving through spiritual layers, called Koshas, which ultimately is meant to navigate you to reaching the soul or ATMAN.

This is a deep relaxation series that will help you achieve states of bliss and what some call Samadhi. Please bring a pillow, blankets, yoga mat and dress ready for “sleep”. Sweatpants, yoga pants, anything that will promote relaxation and comfort. Facilitated by Danielle Federico



Danielle is a certified ChildPlay™ Yoga Instructor and has worked with children and families in many facets of Yoga and Spiritual Development for over a decade.

She loves creating fun and unique class structures that explore the power of Yoga, Movement, Meditation, Mantra and Music. Classes blend Asana, Breathwork, Sound Healing, games, hula hooping, obstacle courses, crafts and storytelling.

Danielle will teach lifelong skills on the art of creative expression, positive intention and Gratitude.

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