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the shift

"Merging our superconsciousness with our human consciousness may just save the world."

-Elora Rose


Welcome to the aquarian age....

"an evolution of higher consciousness"

The Earth officially shifted from the 3D into the 5D in the year 2018.

 What does that mean for us as Human Beings

The Movement, also known as the "Earth Shift", is happening on a global scale.

mass awakening is taking place. This shift allows for openness and inner expansion of living and learning from a space of complete freedom to welcome in our own Divinity.

For so many, we hide behind our own true self, mirroring back what we think we should look like,

act like and be like in society. Discerning Truth is a difficult part of our life's journey.

However, when we allow for creation of space to maneuver into truth and wisdom we move away from illusions and negative projections. 

At The Modern Spiritualist™® we are encouraging and teaching our community how to be fully engaged and embody our truest self. We learn how to release the masks, hidden agendas and Maya (illusion) of the world we think we live in. We will teach you how to unravel the threads of the false creations that have been taught to us along with the misconceptions and beliefs that are limiting us from embodying our most authentic light.


The Modern Spiritualist™® Movement is for those who are looking for a sacred space to study, explore and to “dig deep” into the inner self and Atman (Soul). 

We offer teachings that include quantum field (dimensional study), sacred geometry, energy, divine light codes, archetypes, soul contracts, akashic records,

self-empowered healing and yogic study from both western and eastern teachings.


yogananda, babaji, kwan yin, mother mary, buddha and countless other

ascended masters embodied christ light.


we strive to teach from the same principles.

 This movement is for those who are awakening to their destinies and for those willing to discover their true self.

Your inner light is what makes YOU, YOU.

If you are feeling the call to listen to your inner voice, ignite your intuition and dance with the music inside, then The Modern Spiritualist™® is here for you! 

A "Modern Spiritualist" embraces and encourages 

embodiment of Living Light Consciousness

If you are living on this planet at this time, there is a Mission.

This is a Mission that cannot be accomplished alone.

It will take as many of us as possible to shift this Earth into health and vitality!

Our children of the world are worth it.

Our animals and oceans are worth it.

Our trees and forests and sacred lands are worth it.

You are worth it.

This is the way.

Let’s build the New Earth together.

-Elora Rose (Danielle Federico)


"Without Gaia, we have nothing. These teachings are being offered to pave the way." 


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