c.j. wong


Join librarian and life-long student of esoterica, C.J. Wong, for a lively, enthusiastic, and committed book study group!


Each month participants will be asked to read a half or whole book for discussion. 

We'll be reading from an eclectic list of authors including some books on Danielle's,

Modern Spiritualist Program reading list. 

These books will increase your knowledge of the afterlife, expand your awareness of the nature of reality, and your ability to heal yourself and others. 

There is no cost to join this study group, but we do ask you be committed to completing the readings and attending discussions as well as offering a donation to the center.  


C.J. is thrilled to facilitate this book discussion group!

 She is constantly seeking and learning to expand her awareness and skills in the healing arts. 

She is a current student in Danielle's Modern Spiritualist Program and has studied a diverse assortment of healing modalities. 

Open your heart and expand your mind joyfully in this intimate setting.

Interested individuals may register their names under our EVENTS page. 

C.J. will then send you a reading list to get started! 

We will begin meeting regularly after that for study, discussion and meditations in a perfectly cozy environment! Wear your PJ's and relax with some tea while being in the comfort of exceptional company!