darielle rose



From a young age, Darielle has been mindful of honing her gifts of intuition with an emphasis of connectivity toward helping others. 


At nineteen, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in Make-up Artistry while also attending acting school. 

During her twelve years there, living and surviving in an atmosphere of "LA" chaos,

she sought to find a balance through it all. 


As her quest for inner peace grew she began Seva work for many Yoga Studios. 

While on that path she met Robert Lee, who became her mentor and teacher, ultimately changing her life by introducing her to 

Meta Breathwork.

This specific style of breathing is unlike any other form of popular

mainstream Breathwork. 

His technique is one of a kind and only taught by a handful of teachers from coast to coast.

Darielle is one of the first to be Certified in what is known as

“Evolved Breathing”. 

After successfully building a strong clientele in Los Angeles and living in NYC, 

she decided to move back to her roots where she is offering these powerful

workshops in and around Boston!

​Through her travels, far and wide, she has inspired many people to develop harmonious environments. Sharing her teachings of self-healing, assisting others in finding their inner light

and bringing balance to the chaos.

Darielle is also a certified Crystal Healer, Angelic Intuitive and

Reiki I & II Practitioner, all of which assist in transforming her students

toward activating their 

Higher Consciousness. 


Her vision and mission have led her to Modern Spirit Wellness where she is fulfilling the role of Creative Director and lead Breathwork Teacher as well as

co-teaching with her sister, Danielle Federico. 

She joins Danielle with sharing Sacred Space and when they are side by side, these Sisters of Light work in Harmony as they share their Spiritual Wisdom with their students.

She currently resides in Massachusetts and is committed to her practice as her journey continues to unfold around her. 


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